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163 - DOU ISLAM by Dr GJ Barq (1901-1982)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:48 am    Post subject: 163 - DOU ISLAM by Dr GJ Barq (1901-1982) Reply with quote

DOU ISLAM by Dr GJ Barq (1901-1982


Urdu original by Dr. Ghulam Jeelani Barq, Pakistan (1949)
English adaptation by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, Florida (2006)
Editor: Aisha Ahmed, Florida


Hindu Prosperity and Muslim Austerity

As a child in 1918, I went from our village to Amritsar and saw that the majority of Hindus were prosperous business owners while the Muslims toiled at arduous labor. I questioned this disparity in society. My father replied, "My dear son! This world is nothing but carrion and its seekers are worse than dogs. Allah has given this carcass to non-Muslims and the eternal Paradise to us Muslims. Who is better off then?" Reluctantly, I asked, "Baba! Why do you travel to Amritsar on business then?" Annoyed, he chided, "Son! Never argue with elders. Don't you know there is a Hadith about this world being analogous to a corpse?" The word Hadith startled me and I was silenced, knowing not to question the authenticity of a Hadith. Yet I still had no answer to my question. Upon returning to my village, I approached the Imam of the Masjid with my query. The answer was exactly the same as my father’s! I was left alone with my question simmering in my mind.


The Beginning of a Lifelong Quest and Some Fitting Answers

Time passed, my questions multiplied, but the answers remained divided among differing schools of thought and ‘spiritual’ leaders. I enveloped myself in the study of Islam, the history of Muslims and the world history and devoted 14 years of my life in the search for answers. During this time, I completed eight years of the well-known Dars-e-Nizami of the “Islamic” Madrasahs.

My initial impression of Islam:
• Belief in the Articles of Faith: Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets (2:177). Add to this the 6th “Imam-made” article of Taqdeer or pre-destiny.
• Belief in the Five “Pillars” of Islam: Kalemah, Prayers, Fasting, Charity, Pilgrimage.
• Recite the Kalemah after each call to prayers with much reverence.
• Saying Allahu Allahu Allahu aloud when possible.
• Daily recital of the Qur’an without understanding the meaning.
• Khatm (“Wrap up” the reading of the Qur'an individually, and in congregations.)
• Pledging allegiance to a saint.
• Visiting graves and praying to the dead.
• Prostrate at the Khanqahs (sanctuaries).
• Consider dirty clothes as the heritage of prophets.
• Amulets and Vird Auraad (repeated invocations) to help solve all problems.
• Considering the Prophet (S) as omnipresent and knower of the unseen.
• Arranging feasts for the Mullah to ward off evil.
• Listening to Qawwali (The Sufi poetry sung with music and clapping) as a way of achieving proximity with Allah.
• Consider every non-Muslim as unclean, defiled.
• Have Iman in Imam Abu Hanifa's Fiqh (jurisprudence).
• Consider the Six Right Ones (6 compilations of Hadith) as Wahi (Revelation).
• Ignore advancements made by the modern sciences.
• Consider one who thinks and reflects a heretic.
• Recite the Kalemah, and Paradise is yours.
• All difficulties are overcome with du'a (praying) and not with proper action.
• Reciting words without understanding, engaging in useless rituals in order to attain Paradise filled with palaces and houris.

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