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145 - What are Jinn?

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Dr. Shabbir
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:59 am    Post subject: 145 - What are Jinn? Reply with quote


The term ‘Jinn’ is often misunderstood. It is supposed that they are unseen fiery creatures that live on earth and in the atmosphere and that they can possess people. The Quran does not condone the existence of any such thing as ‘demons’. And there is a reported saying of the exalted Prophet, “La Ghoul” = There is no such thing as ghoul, demons, Dracula, vampires, fairies, witches and wizaards etc. All such things fall into the domain of superstition.
“And the Jinns He has created from a confused flame of fire (with a fiery disposition 55:15).

[References to Jinns: 2:102,6:76, 6:100, 6:112, 6:128-130, 7:12, 7:38, 8:27, 11:119, 15:17, 15:27, 21:82, 32:13, 34:12-14, 37:158, 38:76, 46:29-32, 55:15, 72:1-15, 75:2-6, 114:6 Jinn, in fact, implies something hidden, rarely seen. So, after using Tasreef, Al-Jinn = The nomads. Jannah from the same root means a garden hidden in foliage. When the Jinns or nomads move to dwell in towns and become civilized, they are referred to as Ins = Urbanites.

Among the verses referred to above, Jinn, at times, denotes the hidden evil prompting that goes on in the human mind. In the sense of flashes of evil prompting, Jinn can be understood as Satan in minor forms. Satan = Selfish or rebellious desires, works in concert with evil emotions which have been described as being fiery in the Jahilyah poetry. ‘Emotions being fiery’ stands up to reason.
Verse 21:37 convincingly shows what the ‘creation of Jinn out of fire’ actually means. Using exactly the same terms ‘khuliq’ and ‘min’ it states “KHULIQAL insanu MIN ‘ajal”.

Literally that would translate as: He created man out of haste. Whereas the clear understanding is: Man has been created with a tendency to be hasty and looking for instant gains or results.

Such is the case with, “KHULAQAL jaanna MIN marijin MIN naar”. He created the nomads with a fiery disposition.

This Surah beautifully illustrates another very important point. Wherever in the Quran we come across the utterance or behavior of people that is not condemned by other verses, it stands confirmed by God as right and truthful]

PS: Our Mullahs believe in the Biblical concept of people getting possessed by demons or ‘Jinns’. But when they get even more blinded support of their false dogmas, they conveniently disregard their beloved Ahadith. The exalted Prophet is reported to have said that NASHARAH (the pretense of exorcism or expulsion of demons is a Satanic act. Yet, our Mullahs torture a mentally deranged person claiming that he or she is demon-possessed, and then heavily beat the poor victim, expose him to ignited chillies smoke etc. No doubt that leaving aside the Book of Allah is no less than death for the so-called Muslims.

A life-long student,

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