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left and right side of brain

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Maurice Abdullah

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:32 am    Post subject: left and right side of brain Reply with quote

Peace be upon you all
Try this lecture its worth watching,
see her understanding of it all She is a brain scientist talking about her own experience http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/229

(‘Yumn’ = Blessing = Bliss = Grace = Right side = Right action (19:52), (28:30), (56:27))
(‘Mash’amah, from ‘Shimal’ = Unblessed = Left side = Wrong action (18:17), (56:41), (69:25))

and then refer/reflect it back to Qur'an here's a few to cross reference
50:16 Now indeed, it is We Who have created man and We know the whispering that goes on within his mind (all the intricacies of his thought process), for, We are nearer to him than his Vena cava.

[‘Hablil warid’ is usually translated as Jugular vein or neck-vein. But ‘Habl’ = Rope = Cable = A thing that binds = Guarantee = Indispensable = Binding pledge = Holding from disintegration = Holding together. ‘Warid’ = Vein. Hence, my rendering of ‘Hablil warid’ into Vena cava, the great veins, superior and inferior. They ultimately return the blood from the brain and the body to the heart. The use of ‘vein’ in this verse, instead of ‘artery’, seems to allude to the superiority of mind over body. What is being carried from the brain to the heart is through veins]

50:17 And so it may happen that two conflicting demands in his mind, sitting in opposite directions, pull him apart. (His reason, and his emotions (50:21)).
50:18 Not even a word can he utter but there is an ever-vigilant watcher with him. (The Law of Requital makes a meticulous record).

50:19 And then, the twilight of death brings with it the inevitable truth. “This is the very thing you would rather evade.”

50:20 (Then a long slumber) – And - the Trumpet is blown – This is the Day Promised.

50:21 And every person will come with his actions and their imprints.
50:22 Yes, indeed, you were oblivious to this. But now We have removed your veil and sharp is your vision this Day.

50:23 And his other part (the imprints) will say, “Here is the record ready with me.”

50:24 It will be said, “Throw, throw into Hell every stubborn enemy of the Truth!”

50:25 "Every withholder of charity - given to extremes - fomenter of distrust between poeple"

56:7 Then, you shall be three kinds.

56:8 So, (firstly) the blessed ones. Oh, how wonderful are the blessed ones!

(‘Yumn’ = Blessing = Bliss = Grace = Right side = Right action (19:52), (28:30), (56:27)).

56:9 And (secondly) the unblessed ones. Ah, how unfortunate are the unblessed ones!

(‘Mash’amah, from ‘Shimal’ = Unblessed = Left side = Wrong action (18:17), (56:41), (69:25)).

56:10 And (thirdly) the foremost are the foremost!

(Those who led the race in doing good (55:63), (57:10)).

56:11 They are the ones near (to their Lord), in both lives.
56:12 In Gardens of Delight.

56:13 A good many of those who led in goodness.

56:14 And some of those who trailed after them.

56:15 On decorated thrones.

56:16 Reclining thereon, socializing.

56:17 Their children immortal, playful around them. (13:23), (52:21-24), (76:19).

56:18 With goblets, glistening beakers, and sparkling drinks.

56:19 Where from they get no headache nor beclouding of mind. (37:47).

56:20 And fruit of their choice.

56:21 The supreme delicacies of life.

56:22 And lovely, intelligent spouses of vision. (55:72)

[‘Hurun Een’ = Lovely modest companions of vision, male and female. This term carries special significance for the abuse it has been made to go through. Almost invariably translated as ‘gorgeous women with big black eyes’, that translation is neither linguistically correct nor does it fit into the Big Picture. ‘Een’ and derivatives literally refer to eyes and as an allegory for vision and insight (23:27), (25:74), (33:51), (40:19), (52:4Cool, (54:14)]

56:23 Like unto pearls well-guarded, far from vice.

56:24 A reward for what they used to do.
[The Qur’an is replete with assertions that the Paradise is not achieved with rituals, wishful thinking, dogmas and lip-service, but only by actions that enhance the society and benefit others]

56:25 No vain talk will they hear therein, nor any call restraining from further development. (‘Ithm’ = Word or action that restrains, drags down or hurts human potential).

56:26 Nothing but the greeting and tiding of Peace! (And in the earthly paradise individuals contribute toward peace and security of the society).

56:27 And the blessed ones. Oh, how wonderful are the blessed ones!

56:28 Among orchards of life without thorns.

56:41 Then, the unblessed ones. Ah, how unfortunate are the unblessed ones! (56:9).
56:42 In scorching wind, smoldering anguish!

56:43 Enshrouded in smoke, opaque.

56:44 Neither coolness of contentment nor honor of accomplishment.

56:45 Behold, before this, they were sunk in luxury, exploiting the poor.

56:29 And trees laden with fruit and flower.

56:30 And cool expanded shades of abundant delight.

69:19 Then he who is given his record in his right hand, will say, “Come all of you around! Read this my record.

69:20 Behold, I always thought that my account would be given to me.”

69:21 Then he will be in a state of Bliss.

69:22 In a lofty Garden.

69:23 With its fruit at hand.

69:24 Eat and drink gleefully for what you did in the days past.

69:25 But as for him who is given his record in his left hand, he will say, "Oh, I wish I was never given my record.

69:26 And knew not my account.

69:27 Oh, could this be the end of me!

69:28 Of no help is my wealth.

69:29 Vanquished is all my control.”

69:30 Take him and shackle him! (Halt from further development).

69:31 And then hurl him in the blazing flame of his deeds.

69:32 And then make him a link in the very long chain of people like him. (Seventy cubits = Very long).

69:33 Behold, he failed to grace himself with faith in Allah, the Tremendous.

69:34 And arranged not to feed the needy.

69:35 And so, he has no friend here today.
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