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The word "amr"

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Joined: 22 Dec 2006
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Location: dallas, Texas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:51 pm    Post subject: The word "amr" Reply with quote

Could an explanation be given of the three letter root word "amr" using the Quraishi Lughatil dialect and giving examples from al-Qur'an and the life of Prophet Muhammad? More specifically, does this word denote an imperative command in its usage?

Thank you.

Tammy Swofford
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Joined: 21 Dec 2006
Posts: 61

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 10:19 am    Post subject: The word "Amr' Reply with quote

Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu Respected Tammy Swofford

The domain of ‘Amr’ (creating from nothingness) is exclusive to Allah and Allah alone. Material resulting from ‘Amr’ may be, and is, used in various proportions to create by Nature as well as Man. Allah is the best creator in this particular sense

23:14 Then We fashioned the gametes into zygote, a clot, then the hanging little lump, the embryo. Then We created bones within the embryonic lump, and then clothed the bones with flesh. (Thus We designed it into a fetus). And then We made it into a new creation (the human infant). So Blessed is Allah, The Best of creators.

He also improvises either by creating something for the first time (‘Abdaa’) or varying an existing formula

35:1 All Praise is due to Allah, the Originator of all Highs and their Lows, Who appoints His angels as message-bearers having wings two, three and four. (Many of the angels, the physical laws in the Universe, have more than one function). He increases in creation what He Will. For, Allah is the Appointer of due measure of all things, and He is Able to do all things.

Characteristics of the Domain of Amr: This is the initial stage of creation. The chemistry of it all is beyond human comprehension and consequently, unquestionable. Allah used His exclusive power and privileges to create things (from nothingness) giving them their particular characteristics

24:45 And Allah has created every living creature from water. (Life began in water 21:30). Some of them crawl on their bellies, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four. Allah creates things with a Purpose and according to His Laws. He has Supreme control over all things and events and verily, Allah is the Appointer of due measure of all things.

He simply exercised His ‘will’. Man is told that the universe was created ‘rightfully’

16:30 And to those who walk aright, it is said, “What has your Lord sent down?” They say, “All that is good.” (The Qur’an impels people to do good to others). For those who do good to others in this world, is a goodly return here, and the home of the Hereafter will be better. Pleasant indeed will be the home of those who walk aright.

Not wrongfully

3:19 Indeed the System of Life approved by Allah is Al-Islam (Submission to His Will). Those who were given the Scripture, differ for self-interest and envy, after the Knowledge has now come to them. One who rejects Allah's Revelations will find that His Law of Requital is swift in reckoning.
It is up to human being to delve into the mechanics of it all to arrive at the ‘rightness’ of the universe around him. Suffice to say that the reality and function of the Domain of Amr lies outside the extents of human comprehension and its concept of ‘cause & effect’.

Having created the universe according to His own will, Allah introduced a great change in this cosmic program. Now, He bound His Amr in LAWS. This demands intense ponderance.

Domain of ‘Amr’ functions under the absolute power and will of Allah. There are no binding laws. Allah’s ‘amr’ was bound by standards & measures) and thus ‘Allah set a standard to everything’

65:3 And will provide for him in a manner he has not expected. And whoever places his trust in Allah, He will suffice him. Behold, Allah always brings His Command to pass. Indeed, for all things Allah has appointed due gauge.

Like Liquid water is transformed to solid at freezing point and reverses at
a particular temperature. It flows downhill and adapts its form to the container it is in. High temperature evaporates water into vapor which, being lighter than air, rise up as clouds. At a set temperature, clouds liquefy back into water, which, being heavier than air, falls down as rain. These facts are the ‘measures / standards of water’. Another example of the ‘standards of water’ is that in the right quantity, it is a thirst-quenching and life-giving commodity whereas in larger quantities it can even kill (e.g., drowning). A date tree yields fruit in years but banana takes only a few months. A cactus seed breeds a thorny, fruitless plant whereas a mango seed yields an exotic fruit.

Allah has set standards / measures to everything in the universe. These laws govern the creation, growth and death (or transformation) of all things.
Regarding the birth of a human child, it says that it starts with the semen being deposited in a safe place (the female ovum) and in (77/21, 22) it stays there for a known measure. Obviously, this refers to the period a fetus stays in the mother’s womb. (according to Nature’s law). The Quran goes on to say in 77/23 “ these measures have been set by Us and We are the best of standard setters”. Incidentally, this verse illustrates the meaning of (قادر ) i.e., the one who sets standards. A variation of this word (قادر) has been used as (قدير) in (25/54).

About the fetus it says elsewhere (13/8) that occasionally a fetus cannot achieve its full and complete growth and that Gad has set standards to all things.

About rain the Quran says (in 43/11, 23/18): “and We bring down rain from clouds according to a measure”. Elsewhere (13/17), it says: “after rains, streams flow according to their standards.”

Produce from the Earth is mentioned in (42/27): “Its produce is according to a measure set by Allah’s will. (ما يشاء is explained a little further on in this book). The four seasons for harvesting & farming are mentioned in (41/10): “Allah has set standards for four harvests (of the Earth).”
Summing up, it says about all universe in (25/2) “He created all things and set a measure to them.”. More precisely in (54/49): “Surely, We created everything according to a measure.” Special attention should be paid to two verses from Sura ‘Al-Aala’: “Allah initiated all creation, then gave everything a suitable proportion, set standards to them and programmed them for growth according to those measures.”

Now look at references where (قدر) is even more clearly used in today’s sense of ‘Laws of Nature’. This enables us to forecast, with certain precision, sunrise and sunset. The Quran says in (73/20): “Allah has set standards to day & night.” Also, about the moon (10/5): “Allah has set stages for it.”

The meaning of (تقدير) may be very clear by the following: “The sun is traveling towards its station. This is the measure set by the all-knowing and almighty (Allah).” Elsewhere (41/12), it talks about the heavenly bodies in general, and about stars in particular, and then says, “These are the standards set by the all-powerful and all-knowing (Allah)”.

These taqadeer (standards, measures - law of Nature) of Allah’s are pre-determined (it was done in the domain of ‘Amr’) and they are ‘written’ in the ‘book of Nature / Universe’. This is referred to as ‘the clearly set book’. It says in Sura An’aam: “Allah knows what is in the seas and on land. He knows every leaf that falls off a tree. He also knows even a grain in the darkness of the Earth. The truth is that each and every thing (in detail) is there in the clearly-set book.” (6/59) That is to say that standards have been set to all things in the universe and are there. (17/58) ((for anyone to read if they so wish)). This is physics (science). That is why these laws are called (بقدر معلوم) in (15/21) and (15/24) i.e., laws which can be discovered. Adam (mankind) is said to have been given ‘the knowledge of names’. This is nothing but the knowledge of the universe.

His ‘Amr - absolute power and choice - transformed to building permanent Law of Nature. In other words, Allah bound Himself! Shocking, isn’t it? But, it IS true. We witness it routinely. For example, see (6/12 & 6/54) where He says: ‘He has made Rahma compulsory for Himself. Also, see (10/103): ‘We have the obligation to protect the convinced. This has also been termed as ‘Allahs Promise’ in (16/38, 31/9, 31/33, 35/5, 40/55 & 40/77). Also to be noted is the declaration that He always does, and will, keep His promise (30/6, 3/193).

His promises are nothing but His law's and 'keeping promises’ means the laws are permanent and consistent. The Quran contains a significant example of Allah’s voluntary adherence to His own Laws. One of nature’s Laws is procreation of animals and humans through the mating of a male and a female. The Quran rejects the Christian belief of the virgin birth (Christ being son of Allah) with a wonderfully logical argument. It says that despite being the absolutely free and all-powerful initiator and originator of the universe, He bound it and Himself in laws. The law requires a male and female for procreation. How can anyone be Allah’s son when He has no wife?. In other words, He would have broken His own law by getting Himself a son, but He did not!

6:101 Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth! How can He have a son when He never chose for Himself a mate? He creates all things (and does not procreate 112:3) and He is the Profound Knower of all things and events.

Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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Joined: 22 Dec 2006
Posts: 186
Location: dallas, Texas

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:10 pm    Post subject: Regarding amr Reply with quote

Respected Ali bin Alharbi,

Thank you for the gift of time which is shown in your lengthy response. I will read it again, as time allows. But I do have a specific question as to the fetus not reaching its full potential. Do you have the specific reference for me? We know that by design, some fetus who are defective and unable to survive, go through an abortive process from the womb. Others, such as neonates born with anencephaly, a neural tube defect, do not survive long outside of the womb and their short lives soon end.

Regarding 'amr, the question arose from my reading of an online manuscript "From Darkness to Light" by Salim Fredricks and Ahmer Feroze (al-Khilafah Publications, London). They speak of the phase of the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad when he took Da'wah to the various tribes based on 'amr, or the command of Allah.

This brings up the next question: Does the Ummah view Da'wah as 'amr, something to which they are strongly bound, as an imperative command? Is Da'wah the individual duty of all Muslims, or is the greater onus on the ulema, such as yourself?

In looking at the Seerah of the Prophet and the story of the white ants, I see that everything on the boycott document was eaten by the ants except that which pertained to the Name of Allah. In other words, all that did not fall under 'amr or the command of Allah, was removed by 'amr or command of Allah, by his created beings, the ants. So today, does the Ummah contain 1.5 billion "white ants" (the number of Muslim in the world) and will the 21st century, become the century of the Muslim? What are the projections for this century by the scholarly community? Demographically the latest statistics show 36 percent of the world claim Christianity and 18 percent claim Islam as religion of choice? Where will the Ummah take us this century?

Tammy Swofford
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Joined: 27 Dec 2006
Posts: 64
Location: Houston, TX

PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Sister,

Appended below is an excerpt from an article written by Javed Amir that makes reference to the word Amr:

" ...the medium of religious experience are revelation, intuition and inspiration that links man with divine. Yet, the source of revelation is nothing but the eternal spirit of man himself . All arts and sciences have their beginings in a flash of inspiration, though afterwards experience and common sense add to it.

Reason is thus a light and a guide for man but not his goal. Truth cannot be individual. It is something objective and outside the human ken, only to be looked at and admired like a perfect piece of art. Even men like Hallaj and Bayazid, while declaring their identity with God, seem to believe in some kind of a personal God, what Tagore termed as 'the God of the human personality.'

The central conception of this world is not truth or knowledge of God; it is life. The ultimate aim of human life is not to see something, but to be something. The questions that men ask, the petty cobwebs philosophers have sometime spun, are not founded on eternal realities. The maze of Plato's idealism is far from real life. My real personality is not a thing, it is an act. My whole reality lies in my directive attitude that what the Holy Quran calls 'Alam-e-Amr' - the world of directive energy. Needless to say, this is the realm of faith, and man must strive for harmony in life..."
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Joined: 21 Dec 2006
Posts: 61

PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 7:21 am    Post subject: The Word 'Amr' Reply with quote

Assalamalikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Thaala wa Barkathuhu Respected Tammy Swofford

3:6 He it is Who shapes you in the wombs according to His Laws. There is no god but He. He is the Almighty, the Wise. (He uses his Power with wisdom and His Rule is the Rule of Law).

Extensive medical research is being done in the era of fetal sex. Sura Aal-e-Imran says: “He is the One who gives you shape in wombs according to His plan” – (3/5). Scientists now know how the sex of a baby is determined by Nature. Next, they are trying to discover ways of controlling the process in a way which enables us to choose the sex of a fetus. This ability of Man to discover Nature and use it to his advantage was referred to by the Quran in (2/31). That is what is meant by ‘angels bowing to Man (2/34), i. e., Man can harness the forces of Nature because it is so permanent (30/30).

42:49 To Allah belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates and designs all things according to His Laws. He bestows the gift of daughters according to His Laws and the gift of sons according to His Laws.

42:50 Or He bestows both males and females, and He leaves infertile some according to His Laws. For, verily, He is the all Knowing Appointer of designs.

Verses 49 & 50 of Sura 42 in this regard uses the phrase (من يشاء) and the term (قدير). If (من يشاء) is to be interpreted in the traditional mode to mean ‘to whom He wants’ it should be in agreement with the view of an absolutely equal status of the sexes. Taking the Quranic position of equality of sexes, the phrase means ‘according to His plan (مشيئة), i.e., natural laws of conception fertility, pregnancy and so on. Infertility, for example, is mentioned in the case of Messenger Zakaria’s wife who got treated and was cured before she gave birth to a boy (John) – (21/90). Treatment of sterility is fairly common in today’s medically advanced world.

Responsibility is not only of individuals but hole believers are addresed.

Innallaha Yamuru……………
16:90 Verily, Allah enjoins (the Permanent Values in this Book that you):
- Uphold Justice.
- Benefit humanity.
- Give to your family, relatives (and fellow-men).
- Stay away from all that is shameful and immodest.
- Shun everything that runs counter to reason.
- Do not withhold your wealth and resources just for yourself.
- Guard yourself against envy.
- Do not create rebellion in the society. ('Fahasha', 'Munkar' and 'Baghii' include the last five meanings).
And He admonishes you repeatedly that you bear all this in mind.

Innallaha Yamurukum………

4:58 Allah Commands you to entrust your offices to those who are capable, competent and sincere. They shall rule and judge equitably. Give your trusts to whom they belong. The Enlightenment from Allah is a blessing for you. He is Hearer, Seer of all that transpires in the Universe and in your society.

4:59 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, the Central Authority of the Divine System, and those whom the System has appointed as office-bearers. If you have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to the Central Authority. If you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day, this is the best approach for you, and more seemly in the end

Innallaha la yamuru bilfahshai

7:28 (As an example) when people commit an indecency they say, "We found our forefathers doing it and Allah has enjoined it upon us." (Made it natural for us). Say (O Prophet), "Allah never enjoins indecency. Do you attribute to Allah of which you have no knowledge?"

Qul Amara Rabbi

7:29 Say (O Messenger), "My Lord enjoins justice and moderation and to stand devoted to Him alone in complete obedience. Call unto Him, sincere in your Faith in Him alone. He it is Who brought you into being in the first place, and to Him you will return.” (And this is how you can regain your lost Paradise in both worlds).


41:33 And who is better in speech than him who invites people to Allah, tries to grow himself in goodness, fulfills the needs of others and declares, "Surely, I am one of those who surrender unto Him?"

41:34 Since good conduct and bad conduct cannot be alike, repel evil words and deeds in a way that is decent. And, behold, he, between whom and you there was enmity, may become as though he was your bosom friend!

41:35 Yet, none is granted this quality but those who exercise patience and restraint. And none is granted it except those who become worthy of great happiness and good fortune. This quality can make you outstandingly successful, winning. (‘Zu-hazzin azim’ = Extremely fortunate, includes the two meanings rendered here).


73:1 O You (Prophet) the great selector of companions, the best caravan leader!

Rasool! After undertaking the most important responsibility of Risalat, the first step is to organize and train your companions so that they have complete uniformity, homogeneity and harmony of vision. (This caravan should then march towards its destination in peace and order. Creating such an organization is the first responsibility of the leader.)

Regarding tribes based on 'amr, or the command of Allah.

These verses are enough to Prove (Rashad Qalifa Camp Wrong)

18:29 Proclaim, "This is the Truth from your Lord. Whoever accepts it, let him accept it, and whoever rejects it, let him reject it.” Verily, for all those who wrong their own “Self” We have readied billowing folds of fire to surround them. When they beg for water, they will be given their burning hot deeds that backfire on their faces, a drink of distress they gave others. (9:34-35). How dreadful a drink, and how terrible a resting place!
10:99 If your Lord willed, all men and women on earth would have believed. Would you compel people to believe? (2:256, 76:4-6).

4:88 How could you be of two minds about the hypocrites, seeing that Allah has disowned them because of their own guilt? Can you guide anyone against Allah’s Law of Guidance? You can never find a way of enlightenment for those who violate the Divine Laws of Guidance: (Open mind, freedom from prejudice, arrogance, and blind following; use of the faculties of perception and reasoning 7:173, 7:179, 17:36, 27:80-81, 30:22, 37:113, 40:35, 56:79)

7:30 But there will be two parties among people. Some of them will walk aright according to the Divine Laws of Guidance while others will ally with Satans as their friends. They take their religious leadership as their masters instead of Allah, and think that they are rightly guided (7:3, 22:13).
I0:9 Those who attain to faith, and help people, their Lord guides them by their conviction (that no action goes waste). He shows and walks them the way to the Gardens of delight, beneath which rivers flow.

29:69 As for those who sincerely strive for Us, We surely guide them onto paths that lead to Us. (New channels keep opening for them leading them out of the spider’s web onto the Straight Path). Indeed, Allah is with the benefactors of Humanity.

with the exception of Man, everything in the universe follows a pattern of existence pre-decided by Allah. Man has the option to follow the pattern of life suggested by Allah or reject it. This choice should be exercised in the light of knowledge and reason and adopted entirely independently of any physical, intellectual or psychological compulsion. This is called Iman (conviction). Acceptance of this Message through conviction (rational reasoning) is a pre-requisite for benefiting from it (obtaining guidance).
This code of guidance (the Quran) can thus lead mankind through life progressively – “Their Preserver guides them because of their conviction”
This fact is stated very early in the Quran (Sura Baqara): This is the book which is free of all doubts (and anxieties).

And regarding story of the white ants…..is nothing but conjecture. This verse is enough to prove that is fabrication attributed to Exalted Prophet(s)

13:31 Our Law precludes the possibility that a Lecture would move the mountains, tear the earth asunder, or make the dead speak. (The Qur’an is intended to move hearts, not mountains 6:7, 6:25, 6:112, 15:14-15, 17:90-93). Nay, all Decree belongs to Allah. Do not the believers know that if Allah had Willed, He could have guided all mankind (by not giving them free will 10:100)? As for the rejecters of the Divine Laws, disasters will not cease to strike them for their deeds, even close to their homes until the Promise of Allah comes to pass. Verily, Allah never fails in His Promise. (Mankind will keep devising various political systems in search for the best. Those systems will keep collapsing and they will keep suffering far and close to their homes. Then, ultimately, they will realize that the Qur’an offers the solutions to all the problems facing humanity 41:53, 51:20-21).

Regarding 21st century, become the century of the Muslim?

14:48 The Day will come when this earth will be replaced with a new earth, and the heavens also will be changed, and they will come forth unto Allah, the One, the Dominating. (And before that, as the caravan of humanity journeys forward, people will witness a total metamorphosis in their political and social systems, a brand new environment where the Universal Law of the One Mighty, Dominating God will prevail 9:31-33,18:48, 48:28, 61:9).

Fee Amanillah
Ali Bin Ali Alharbi (Al Madina)
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