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Confused About conditions of Ihram. Please Explain!

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Resham Mansoor

Joined: 03 Jan 2007
Posts: 8
Location: Lahore

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:02 am    Post subject: Confused About conditions of Ihram. Please Explain! Reply with quote


While going through my Islamiyat text book i read that once in state of Ihram certain restrictions are to be observed which include; No bathing, putting on a perfume or even using a perfumed soap and not even weraing of such shoes which cover the middle bone of foot by men.

Can anyone please explain why can't we take a bath or use perfumes etc and why can't men wear such kind of shoes which cover the middle bone of their feet while in state of Ihram.

Resham Mansoor
Lahore, Pakistan
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Arnold Yasin Mol

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 4:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

salaam aleikum my dear sister,

I will answer in about 6 hours when I get home from work. I can already tell you that the above mentioned rules are man-made and completely false. The Hajj is a International Debate for Mankind. Hajj comes from the root Hajja meaning ' To Discuss'.
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Resham Mansoor

Joined: 03 Jan 2007
Posts: 8
Location: Lahore

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AA brother Arnold!

This is what i have been wandering about! At one time it is stated that cleanliness is half of faith and at the other they say one can't bathe while in state of Ihram. Pretty Contradictory. Ain't it?
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Mahmood Qasmi

Joined: 21 Dec 2006
Posts: 79
Location: Toronto

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Contradition or not, the rituals of the activity people label as "Hajj" today, are not prescribed by the Quran, and as such do not hold ground. The debate and renovation process (and not a pilgrimage) is what the Hajj is all about. Also, it is not just for Muslims: All of humanity is invited to the Hajj!

Mahmood Qasmi
Toronto, Canada
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Arnold Yasin Mol

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salaam Resham,

First of all I suggest you should read this small article of mine:

Unity of people is the true purpose of the Quran

You can see that the Quran must be approached from a Deen point of view, and from a religious point of view. It is not about God, but about us. Rituals as shaving your head and ritual baths are done to 'please' God, as if He needs the acknolwedgement and is pleased by trivial things as shoes that cover the middle bone.

He created the Universe, with all of its stars and galaxys, so we can peform these trivial things?

in verse 3:191 it says: "...Our Lord! You have not created all this without Purpose. High Above You are from creating anything in vain!..."

No, the Quran is here to give us stature in life!

21:10 O Mankind! Now We have revealed unto you a Book that is all about you and it will give you eminence. Will you not, then, use your sense? (21:24, 23:70, 43:43-44).

This verse clearly shows the Quran is for us, this is why Parwez says in his exposition of this verse "Allah has no personal motives in it" as Allah is above need.

All Laws in the Quran, all given concepts as Hajj and Saum and Salat are all meant to UNITE Mankind, not to worship Allah.

We can approach Hajj as a ritual gathering where everyone will only focus on Allah, on acknowledging Allah's Supramecy. We can all focus on Fasting to be meant for Allah. We can focus on Salat as only meaning Prayer. These concepts all come through approaching the Quran from a religious point of view.

But as I have told, these are all man-made ideas on what Allah demands. Allah says in the Quran that WE are the focus.

21:10 O Mankind! Now We have revealed unto you a Book that is all about you and it will give you eminence. Will you not, then, use your sense? (21:24, 23:70, 43:43-44).

When we approach the Quran from a Deen point of view, it all becomes different. The Quranic purpose is to give Mankind the Perfect Divine System to unite them and give us eminence. So an idea on Hajj being only to focus on Allah is NON-Quranic.

Hajj means literally Debate or Discussion in Classic Arabic. It's Root also has a second meaning of Year. So this means the Hajj is a yearly gathering. And the Quran says clearly this is a duty for ALL of Mankind:

3:97 Therein are clear Messages (to achieve that coveted goal and recall) how Abraham once took his stand (against all divisions of humanity and was granted the leadership of all mankind 2:124-125). Those who enter the System symbolized thereby shall find inner peace and external security. Hence, joining the Hajj Convention at this Meeting Point for the Cause of Allah alone is DUE ON ALL MANKIND who have the circumstantial means to undertake the visit. One who denies (this Wisdom, should know that) verily, Allah, the Rich is Self-Sufficient, want-free of any peoples.

So this means Hajj is an Yearly International Debate to solve conflicts and to better Mankind. It is not focussed on Allah, but on us.

The same holds for the word Salat. Salat means To Follow Closely, Attachment, Contact, Prayer and many more meanings. If we approach the Quranic Goal to be acknowledging Allah, to be a religious Book focussed on acknowledging Allah, then it is logical Salat means Prayer. But since it is clear WE are the focus of the Quran, then the meaning becomes totaly different.

The meaning of Salat is explained in:

24:41 Do you not realize that Allah, He it is Whom all beings in the heavens and the earth glorify, and the birds, with their wings outspread, as they fly in columns. All of them know their SALAT and TASBEEH (mission and strife). Allah is Aware of what they do to fulfill His Plan.

Tasbeeh means To Strive Hard, To go on a Quest/Mission, To Take Long Strides. Salat means To Follow Closely.

So in order of the verse, all beings knows what to follow closely to strive hard on their quest, they know their Salat and Tasbeeh.

What do animals follow? Their instinct which tells them how to work the Laws of Nature in the best way so to become the strongest and multiply.

We as humans don't have an instinct on a dominant level. So to follow the Laws of Nature, we must observe them closely. But there are also many Laws we can't observe through Scientific Research. These Laws are explained to us through Revelation. Revelations are Instincts for Mankind to follow voluntarely.

So Salat means to Follow the Divine Laws of Nature and Revelation so we can know how to strive hard on our Quest and Mission.

This is the difference and importance of approach. Believe in One God is a confirmation of Reality and the first step into uniting Mankind and the Muslims. But it is the same approach to the Quran which will truly unite us. It is clear the Quran is focussed on us, not on Allah. He has given us the Quran so we can become the best people on Earth. To make Paradise on earth that will be continued in the Next Life. We must all approach the Quran from this point, and then the true meanings of words become clear.

The Quran is also complete when it comes to the issues in matter of Deen, Allah has left out the rituals, but Allah does not forget, nor is the Quran incomplete or insufficient.

6:115 Perfected is the Word of your Lord in Truth and Justice. None can change His Words and His Laws. This announcement comes to you from the Profound Hearer, the Knower.

The majority belief is not the criterion, the Quran is.

6:116 (People will confront you with what the majority is doing.) Now if you pay heed to, or get intimidated by majority of those who live on earth, they will lead you astray from Allah’s Way. Most of the people follow nothing but conjecture and they only live by guesswork.

25:1 Most Blessed is He Who has revealed to His servant, the Criterion of the right and the wrong so that to the entire world it might be a warning.

Allah warns us not to be like the people of Moses.

2:108 Would you demand of your Messenger what was demanded of Moses in the past? But whoever chooses the darkness of Ignorance instead of the Light of Faith, has already strayed from the Right Way.
[2:67-71. Instead of reflecting on the internal evidence of the Truth, the people of Moses demanded him to bring God face to face! 4:153. And kept asking him vain questions 5:101. And kept making excuses. 5:24.]

They kept asking frivolous details about how the heifer should look. If Allah cared about those details, He would have mentioned it, Allah does not play games with people. If you study the story of the heifer in Surah 2, you can see they keep asking more details, and because of this, they get such a difficult task to find such a heifer, adn they all did this to themselves as Allah never asked for that.

1.The Quran and all its goals are meant for us to unite mankind on Earth. so we can create Paradise here, which will be continued in the Next Life. The Quran only explains Allah, not how we should acknowledge Him through rituals. [14:8, 21:10, 3:97, 27:40, 30:32, 20:92-94, 30:31, 7:24, 10:19]

2.The Quran is complete and detailed. [2:2, 6:38/112-116/126, 12:111, 41:3, 4:87, 7:185, 31:6, 39:23, 45:6, 77:50]

3.Hajj means 'to discuss', coming from Hajja, meaning 'go towards a noble goal/to discuse/ be in dispute'.

ح جج

= Haa-Jiim-Jiim = to intend to a certain target, aim at, repair, undertake, repaired/betook himself to or towards a person / place / object of veneration/respect/honour, went/visit frequently/repeatedly, pilgrimage.
Overcome another by/in argument/evidences/proofs/testimonies, plead, contend/argue/dispute.

See under the letter ح = Ha at the Rootlist:


4. Hajj is meant for all of mankind. [3:97] Not only for Muslims.

These all show that the above given rituals, and all of them that are attributed to Hajj, are false and non-Quranic.

Hajj is the annual Convention in a specified time while Umrah is a visit to the Masjid of Makkah any time during the year. Both have a sublime objective as the Qur’an explains, although Muslims have reduced them into mere rituals similar to the Days of Ignorance. There is no mention of kissing the black-stone in Ka’bah, any "holiness" about the ZAM ZAM water, or that of throwing rocks at the three pillars signifying Satan. See footnote to Surah 105. The Noble Objective of the Pilgrimage is to arrange regular and intermittent international conferences in Makkah. Delegates from all over the world would get together there and devise ways to make the world a better place to live.

What is Haj as per Quraa'n

2:196 (Peace cannot defend itself. Mankind has to guard it.) Therefore, observe the Hajj or Umrah Convention for Allah. If you are stranded, send in gifts that the congregation would utilize. Do not consider that by doing so you have relieved yourself of duty. Be with them at heart until the gifts have reached their destination. If someone is sick or has other compelling burdens denying him sending any contribution, then Abstinence for a few days at convenience, or an act of charity or fulfilling someone’s need shall be in order. If a person is present at the Convention but cannot afford to contribute, he should exercise Abstinence for a total number of ten days, three days there and seven days after coming home. This is for him whose folk do not live in the vicinity of the Convention. Be mindful of Allah, remembering the noble objective. And know that Allah's Law of Requital is strict in pursuing and grasping.

2:197 The Convention shall take place in the months appointed for it and made well known to all. Whoever participates in the Convention shall refrain from sexual intimacy, slipping out of discipline and argumentation throughout Hajj. And whatever you accomplish for the good of mankind, Allah will acknowledge it. So make ample provision, yet the best provision is your good conduct. Be mindful of Me, O You of understanding!

[Sexual intimacy, breach of discipline and argumentation would hamper mutual consultation in a focused, amicable environment. Ample provision is meant to avoid asking for help, but rather being able to help others. The Central Authority, any time in the Divinely ordained four Months of Peacetime should decide upon and announce the exact dates of Hajj. (2:194, 9:1-6.) The current practice of “performing” the ritualistic pilgrimage only in Zilhajjah, the 12th lunar month, finds no authority in the Qur’an.]

2:198 (The Convention is not an assembly of monks.) There is no blame on you if you seek the bounty of your Lord by trading. Returning in groups from where you got introduced to one another (Arafat) let your experience be a conscious and ever-lasting monument to peace in your lives. Take Allah’s Messages to heart, and remember Him in the way He has directed you. And, verily, before this you were wandering to and fro.

2:199 (When the Convention is over), let the congregation return to their hometowns without much delay. (Implement what you have learned and decided upon and) seek from Allah security and protection for mankind through this Program. Behold, Allah is the Provider of protection, Absolver of Imperfections, Eternally Merciful.

2:200 When you have completed your duties, then, remain conscious of Allah with a stronger commitment than you used to display for your ancestors and their ways. (Their pilgrimage used to be momentary fun of ritualism.) Among the people is he who says, “Our Lord! Give unto us in this world.” But he, who looks only for instant gains disregarding the long term, has no portion in the Hereafter.

2:201 And of them is he who says, “Our Lord! Give unto us in this world that which is good, and in the Hereafter that which is good, and guard us from the doom of Fire.” [He forsakes not the Hereafter for this world, and forsakes not this life for the Hereafter. 28:77.]

2:202 It is they for whom is a decent portion: what they have themselves earned. And Allah is Swift in reckoning. (Actions get their imprints stamped upon the human 'Self' in this very life.)

2:203 Remember Allah in the counted number of days (of the Convention.) Then if someone’s departure were hastened by a couple of days, there would be nothing detrimental. And if someone’s departure were delayed by a couple of days, there would be no detriment either. This is for him who lives upright. Be mindful of Allah, and know that all of you together are stepping toward the ultimate destination with Allah.

2:204 (About delegating political authority, remember that) there is among mankind he whose chatter on worldly affairs dazzles you, and he keeps swearing by Allah about what is in his heart. And he is exceedingly skillful in contending for his viewpoint. (2:8-12)

2:205 But as soon as he attains political power he goes all out spreading corruption in the earth. His authority results in destruction of the produce of land and labor and the damage he does affects generations - whereas Allah loves not corruption.

2:206 When it is said to him, “Be mindful of Allah”, his false pride plunges him further down in inhumanity. Well, sufficient will be Hell for him – what a cradle of despondence! (Such officials will be removed from office.)

2:207 And of mankind is he who dedicates himself to achieve the goals ordained by Allah. And Allah is Compassionate to His servants (showing them both, the way to success and the way to failure. 3:4, 39:23, 91:8)

2:208 O’ You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Enter whole-heartedly the Prescribed Way of Life that guarantees peace and security. And follow not the trails of the Satan. Verily, he is your open enemy that lays bare your flaws.

[Satan, the selfish desire, alienates man from the Creator and divides humanity. ‘Mubin’ = Open = That makes clear = That lays bare.]

2:209 And if you backslide after all evidence of the Truth has come to you, then know that Allah is Almighty, Wise. (The Divine Laws will overcome you.)
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