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Take the Initiative - Impart Qur-anic Messages

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Quasim Hamdani

Joined: 23 Dec 2006
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Location: Illinois, USA

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:42 pm    Post subject: Take the Initiative - Impart Qur-anic Messages Reply with quote

There has been many a discussion on the forum on what to do with these immense desires we all have to make a difference as Qur-anic Muslim. I certainly have felt the pull to stand on a mountain top and call everyone to an enlightened way of life as prescribed in the Qur-an. I believe this can be accomplished, but requires a fair amount of caution and due diligence.

First of all, we need to be very clear and consistent about the messages / knowledge we impart. Dr. Sahbir’s wonderful exposition of the Qur-an – QXP – is a great source for all of us. The question we have to ask ourselves is “Do we understand the exposition well enough to explain it to others?” I believe we understand it; however our ability to explain to others is exclusively a personal perception.

Secondly, we need course materials developed to help all of us with a systematic way of delivering and explaining the message.

Lastly, we need a loose organization that relies on individual initiatives to call people to the message. Arnold represents a good example of someone who engages with the local community to deliver / explain the message, especially his involvement with the youngsters.

So to tie it all together, I suggest the following approach:

Through our individual initiatives, some of us begin to assemble interested folks in our communities – Muslims and non-Muslim – to discuss the message of the Qur-an. A pre-condition to attendance is that political and religious biases are left at the door, and an open mind is required to listen and absorb the message. This will require some creativity.

The Beacon Forum will support these individuals and their initiatives by providing research, literature, and advice. The Beacon Forum is the proverbial mountain top for the individuals wanting to engage in this endeavor.

A common curriculum must be developed to make this franchise produce the desired results. The Beacon Forum must adopt this curriculum and produce materials for class room delivery. A sample outline of the curriculum is presented below. There are 10 sessions envisioned for this discussion – each session discusses the pillars of Islam presented in 2:177:

Session 1: Introduction to the lecture series
Session 2: What / Who is ALLAH
Session 3: What is meant by the Last Day
Session 4: What are Angels / Forces of Nature
Session 5: Why is the Book – Qur-an – Indispensable
Session 6: Why the Prophets
Session 7: What is Charity (individuals, families, Nations)
Session 8: What is Zakat (individuals, families, Nations)
Session 9: What is Salat (individuals, families, Nations)
Session 10: Who are Sabireen

I wish to encourage others to add to this debate with the intention of creating a set of mechanisms for individual to execute and unswervingly engage in the service of ALLAH.
May Allah Bless You.

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Joined: 01 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Salaam brother Quasim

I think you propose an excellent idea. Another topic suggestion I have is that of the "approach to the Quran"...essentially that of using the proper meaning of Arabic words and the use of tasreef. This can be done in the introduction (so that people understand and are comfortable with the meanings of terms like Malaaika, Salaat etc.).

However, what we also want them to get out of it is an approach to the Quran for themselves. May be some suggestions we can make at the end.

Another approach can be that of discussing Surah Fatiha in light of the entire Quran (I guess this can be done in a later series). The Surah is one that most know by heart and it summarizes most of the Important concepts of the Quran....including:

1. Allah
2. Rahman and Raheem
3. Yaum-ad-Deen
4. Ibaadat
5. Siratul-mustaqeem
6. Meaning of prayer (Dua)
7. Naimats of Allah.
8. Adhaab
and others
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