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Information Clearinghouse by Tom Feeley

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:17 am    Post subject: Panorama: Tom Feeley's Email to Dr. Shabbir Reply with quote

Tom Feeley's email to Dr. Shabbir

"We are the ruling race of the world. . . . We will not renounce our part in the mission of our race, trustee, under God, of the civilization of the world. . . .
He has marked us as his chosen people. . . . He has made us adept in government
that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples." : Sen.
Alfred Beveridge

"I firmly believe that when any territory outside the present territorial limits
of the United States becomes necessary for our defense or essential for our
commercial development, we ought to lose no time in acquiring it." : Sen.
Orville Platt of Connecticut 1894.

“Between 1898 and 1934, the Marines invaded Cuba 4 times, Nicaragua 5 times,
Honduras 7 times, the Dominican Republic 4 times, Haiti twice, Guatemala once,
Panama twice, Mexico 3 times and Columbia 4 times,” Washington has intervened
militarily in foreign countries more than 200 times.”

"If the people are not convinced (that the Free World is in mortal danger) it
would be impossible for Congress to vote the vast sums now being spent to avert danger. With the support of public
opinion, as marshalled by the press, we are off to a good start. It is our Job -
yours and mine -- to keep our people convinced that the only way to keep
disaster away from our shores is to build up America's might." -- Charles
Wilson, Chairman of the Board of General Electric and Truman appointee to head
the Office of Defence Mobilization, in a speech to the Newspaper Publishers
Association, 1950


Read this newsletter online http://tinyurl.com/dy6yy

Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America's War On Iraq - At Least
655,000 + +

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In
America'sWar On Iraq 3,081

The U.S. War On Iraq Costs

See the cost in your community


The Danger of Bush's Anti-Iran Fatwa

By Juan Cole

The president's decision to use force against Iranian "agents" inside Iraq could snare
innocent pilgrims, and raises the risk of open warfare.

Iran, Israel, The Big Lie and The Real Threat

By Frank Scott

"Attempting to portray Iran as a nuclear menace to Israel and the world, in that
order, even though it has no nuclear weapons and Israel has hundreds, is not
merely a sign of dementia. It is indication of near idiocy in a society that can
be repeatedly manipulated into believing such totally crackpot notions that have
no foundation in the material world but exist only in a world of superstitious

The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, From Churchill to Kennedy to George
W. Bush

Audio and Transcript

Barry Lando, a former 60 Minutes producer, examines how the United States has
meddled in Iraq dating back to the Eisenhower administration. He also looks at
how the Reagan and Bush administration helped arm Saddam Hussein at a time when he was committing his
deadliest atrocities.

Impeachment by the People

By Howard Zinn

Courage is in short supply in Washington, D.C. The realities of the Iraq War cry
out for the overthrow of a government that is criminally responsible for death,
mutilation, torture, humiliation, chaos. But all we hear in the nation’s
capital, which is the source of those catastrophes, is a whimper from the
Democratic Party, muttering and nattering about “unity” and “bipartisanship,” in
a situation that calls for bold action to immediately reverse the present

Winning Hearts And Minds

3 Minute Video

U.S. occupation troops show complete disregard for either the lives or property
of the Iraqi people.

Don't Be Fooled by Bush's Defection: His Cures Are Another Form Of Denial

By George Monbiot

The president's avowed conversion on climate change is illusory. He is just drumming up
new business for his chums.

New Rulers of the World

A documentary film by John Pilger

'Global economy' is a modern Orwellian term. On the surface, it is instant
financial trading, mobile phones, McDonald's, Starbucks, holidays booked on the
net. Beneath this gloss, it is the globalisation of poverty, a world where most
human beings never make a phone call and live on less than two dollars a day,
where 6,000 children die every day from diarrhea because most have no access to
clean water.

At least 114 killed as U.S. occupation grinds on:

A suicide bomber killed at least 23 worshippers and wounded 57 others when he
blew himself up at a Shi'ite mosque in the town of Balad

Another 13 people were killed by bomb left in a garbage can:

At least 13 people were killed Tuesday after a bomb left in a garbage can struck
Shiites during ceremonies marking Ashoura in a town near the Iranian border,
police said. At least 39 were wounded.

Five insurgents killed in clashes in eastern Iraq :

Five insurgents were killed in their clashes with an Iraqi police patrol on
Tuesday in the city of Baquba, 60 km north east of Baghdad, a provincial police
source said

Four Shiite pilgrims killed during Ashura ceremony in Baghdad :

Gunmen opened fire on two buses carrying Shiite mourners of Ashura ceremony in a
southern Baghdad neighborhood on Tuesday, killing four people and wounding six

US must abandon Iraqi cities or face nightmare scenario, say experts :

The US must draw up plans to deal with an all-out Iraqi civil war that would
kill hundreds of thousands, create millions of refugees, and could spill over into a regional catastrophe,
disrupting oil supplies and setting up a direct confrontation between Washington
and Iran.

"Time is short" for Iraq turnaround: US commander :

An admiral nominated to lead US forces in the Middle East, has said that the
previous US strategy in Iraq was not working and "time is short" to implement an

'US poised to attack,' claims Bulgarian agency:

The United States “could be using its two air force bases in Bulgaria and one at
Romania's Black Sea coast to launch an attack on Iran in April," the Bulgarian
news agency Novinite claimed.

Manufacturing consent for war with Iran:

Raid In Iraq Found Evidence Of Iranian Aid To Militias-TV : During a recent raid
in the Iraqi city of Irbil in which Iranians were detained, the U.S. found what some officials claim is evidence
Iran is providing aid to insurgents and militias, NBC News reported Tuesday.

Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran:

US officials in Baghdad and Washington are expected to unveil a secret
intelligence "dossier" this week detailing evidence of Iran's alleged complicity
in attacks on American troops in Iraq. The move, uncomfortably echoing Downing
Street's dossier debacle in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, is one more
sign that the Bush administration is building a case for war.

A Powerful Iran not Tolerated by US :

Tehran's Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Hassan Akhtari said that Americans have
now resorted to a plot which has long been used by the British, and that is none
but sowing discord among Muslim Shiites and Sunnites to divide them and to
discredit the Shiite Iran.

Sen. Robert Byrd: Bush Wants War with Iran:

Top Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd is warning that the Bush administration is
preparing to go to war with Iran.

Manufacturing consent for war with Iran:

Arrest Madman Dershowitz Before It’s Too Late: In this video , Alan Dershowitz
threatens to unleash World War Four under false pretense.

Nasrallah: Bush made Lebanon chaos:

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has accused George Bush of creating
chaos in Lebanon, and rejected the US president's latest criticisms of the Shia

Fighter's death breaches Gaza truce :

A Hamas commander has been shot dead in the first killing since a ceasefire came
into effect in Gaza

Video - Palestine Peace Not Apartheid :

Author and former President Jimmy Carter tackles the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid."
Carter, argues that the only way for Israel to achieve lasting security is to
withdraw from occupied territory and revert to internationally-recognized

Is Dershowitz Qualified to Do Book Reviews? :

As cheerleaders for Israel go, it is hard to beat Alan Dershowitz. If ever there
was a coward and a hypocrite -- it has to be this Likudnik operator who postures
as a 'liberal' in search of an 'honest debate' on the merits of tormenting the

Apartheid Didn't Die : Video:

Pilger describes the extraordinary generosity of a liberated people, but asks
who are the true beneficiaries of a democracy - the black majority or the white

Lawyer says Hicks chained to cell floor:

The Australian lawyer for Guantanamo detainee David Hicks says his client is chained to the floor of his cell and has not seen sunlight for months.

Guantanamo conditions 'like a Nazi camp':

David Hicks' US lawyer has described conditions at Guantanamo Bay, where he has
been held for five years, as "like a Nazi concentration camp".

U.S. court reinstates most serious Padilla charge:

A U.S. appeals court reinstated the most serious charge against alleged al Qaeda
operative Jose Padilla on Tuesday, reviving a murder-conspiracy charge that
could imprison the former "enemy combatant" for life.

"We Probably Gave Powell the Wrong Speech":

The former chief of the CIA's Europe division, Tyler Drumheller, discusses the
covert kidnapping of suspected terrorists and a Bush adminstration that ignored
CIA advice and used whatever information it could find to justify an invasion of

Spy chief denies role in CIA 'kidnap' ;

Milan - Italy’s former spy chief told a Milan court on Monday he felt like a
scapegoat as a judge considered indicting him along with CIA agents on charges
of kidnapping a terrorism suspect in Milan, his lawyer said.

Tsunami-affected women in India sell kidneys for survival:

Poverty-stricken Indian women affected by the December 2004 tsunami have been
selling their kidneys for survival, news reports said Monday.

Climate change means hunger and thirst for billions: report :

Billions of people will suffer water shortages and the number of hungry will
grow by hundreds of millions by 2080 as global temperatures rise, scientists
warn in a new report.

Resource Wars :

The close relation between war and natural resources is of long standing. What else was colonial conquest about? Vast estates held by the
Dutch East India Company came under direct control of the Crown as did the lands
conquered by the British East India Company.

Bush administration in hot seat over warming:

Lawmakers received survey results of federal scientists that showed 46 percent
felt pressure to eliminate the words “climate change,” “global warming” or
similar terms from communications about their work

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method:

The FBI appears to have adopted an invasive Internet surveillance technique that
collects far more data on innocent Americans than previously has been disclosed.

EU wants to keep limits on U.S. passenger data use:

Under a temporary deal reached in October as part of U.S. efforts to combat
terrorism, European airlines must pass on up to 34 items of data, including passengers' addresses and credit card details, to be
allowed to land at U.S. airports.

Bush gives White House greater control over government agencies:

The White House will thus have a gatekeeper in each agency to analyze the costs
and the benefits of new rules and to make sure the agencies carry out the
president's priorities.

An Iron Curtain is Descending: And Most Americans Don't Know :

"Why are you travelling so often to Canada?" the tough U.S. border guard barked.
I was on Amtrak, going from New York to Montreal, as I'd done dozen of times
before over several decades. This was my first experience (summer 2006) of the
increasingly standard and intrusive "U.S. Exit Interviews" on trains crossing
the border.

Anonymous anti-Muslim flier raises ire:

Joel Harper couldn't believe his eyes. The piece of paper that hung on his front door didn't advertise the usual pizza deal or offer to trim his trees.
Rather, it was selling a message of hate in the name of God.


Peace & Joy
Tom Feeley
Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August
1765) John Adams
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