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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:01 pm    Post subject: Panorama Reply with quote

"It is never right to do wrong or to requite wrong with wrong, or when we suffer
evil to defend ourselves by doing evil in return." : Socrates 469 - 399 BC

Crime Against Peace: A basic provision of the Charter is that to plan, prepare,
initiate or wage a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international
treaties, agreements, and assurances, or to conspire or participate in a common
plan to do so is a crime: Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson

"I'm often amazed at the way politicians, who spend hours poring over opinion
poll results in a desperate attempt to discover what the public thinks, are
certain they know precisely what God's views are on everything.": Simon Hoggart

"Going to church no more makes you a Christian than sleeping in your garage
makes you a car.": Garrison Keiler


Read this newsletter online http://tinyurl.com/dy6yy

Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America's War On Iraq - At Least 655,000 + +

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In
America'sWar On Iraq 3,020

The U.S. War On Iraq Costs

See the cost in your community


Who will stop the US from attacking Iran?

By Salim Lone

HARD AS IT IS TO IMAGINE, it is likely that another major war is being planned
by the US, this time against Iran. And the arguments being marshalled by the
Bush administration are exactly identical to what was being said against Iraq in
the build-up to that war in 2003.

BBC Report: Cheney Rejected Iran's 'Help'


Newsnight has uncovered an extraordinary letter written after the invasion of
Iraq in 2003 where Tehran offers to withdraw military backing for Hamas and
Hezbollah as well as give open access to their nuclear facilities, but Vice-President Dick Cheney's office rejected the plan, the official said.

Iraq: Shiites Will Resist Efforts To Destroy Them Says Moqtada Al-Sadr


Iraqi Shiite radical leader Moqtada al-Sadr said he has never trusted prime
minister Nouri al-Maliki nor his predecessor Iyad Allawi, whom he described as
the brains behind a US-backed plot to destroy him and his militia.

Nouri al-Maliki can see what is coming.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Put me down on Maliki's side. It is he who is taking the real risk here – with
his life. It is he who is likely to learn what Kissinger meant when he observed
that in this world, while it is often dangerous to be an enemy of the United
States, to be a friend is fatal.

The battle to save Iraq's children

By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor

"Sick or injured children who could otherwise be treated by simple means are left to die in
hundreds because they do not have access to basic medicines or other resources,"
the doctors say. "Children who have lost hands, feet and limbs are left without
prostheses. Children with grave psychological distress are left untreated," they

Rogue State America

By John B. Judis

What exactly are we doing in the horn of Africa, where we have encouraged the
Christian government of Ethiopia to invade Somalia and replace its Islamic
government? As far as I can tell, we have violated international law, committed
war crimes, helped Al Qaeda recruit new members, and involved ourselves in a
guerrilla war that could last decades.

Democrat Agenda Omissions -

By Stephen Lendman

It a system of savage capitalism at its worst, bordering on the tipping edge of
fascism. It's based on corporatism, patriotism and nationalism backed by iron-fisted militarism and "homeland
security" enforcers. It's waging a permanent war on humanity, intolerant of
dissent and opposition in an age where the law is what the chief executive says
it is and checks and balances no longer exist.

Cruelty and xenophobia shame and stir the lucky country

By John Pilger

John Pilger returns to his homeland, Australia, and described the social
regression of a once proud liberal democracy and says that the flag-waving
"values" of the neo-con prime minister may be coming unstuck in Guantanamo Bay.

Lieberman And The Palestinian “Demographic Threat”

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

The other day I was at a checkpoint near Nablus, one of several that are being
converted by Israel into what look suspiciously like international border
crossings, even though they fall deep inside Palestinian territory.

Occupied Iraq: At least 8 killed in ongoing violence:

Two former policemen were shot dead in front of their homes in Falluja, west of
Baghdad, police said.

26 Bodies Found:

Police recovered the bodies of 26 people tortured and shot dead in different
districts of occupied Baghdad in the past 24 hours, a police source said.

U.S. Marine admits to shooting defenseless Iraqi:

A U.S. Marine pleaded guilty on Thursday to shooting a defenseless Iraqi
grandfather dragged from his house in the middle of the night in what his squad
informally called "Operation Vigilante."

Main Aide of Muqtada Al-Sadr Arrested :

An adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, however, denied the government
knew in advance about the raid

Sadr fears for life in security crackdown:

Moqtada al-Sadr has moved his family to a secure location because of fears he
will become the target of a security sweep of Baghdad, it was reported today.


Three generals speak against Iraq surge

Pelosi: Wwont Cut War Funding

Nancy Pelosi Tells ABC News' Diane Sawyer That Democrats Won't Cut Off Funding
to Iraq While Troops in Harm's Way

UK general: UK troops to stay in Iraq through 2007:

Britain's senior representative in Iraq on Friday said British forces will
remain in Iraq through 2007 and perhaps into 2008 if the Baghdad government asks
for continued help.

The Letter:

'Sick or injured children, are left to die in hundreds': We ask that all the
revenues from Iraq's oil now pass directly to the Iraqi people, and that illegal contracts entered into by the Coalition Provisional Authority are

Iraq War Costs Going Through Stratosphere :

The cost of the Iraq War in addition to costing thousands of American and Iraqi
lives is bleeding the American treasury at dangerous levels.

Auditors Report Billions in Reconstruction Waste and Fraud in Iraq:

President Bush is asking for another $1.2 billion for rebuilding and jobs in
Iraq. But with so much uncertainty, the committee chairman wants the government
auditors to return in two months with estimates on how much money has been
wasted in Iraqi reconstruction.

Iraq tells Iran, US to take their fight elsewhere:

"We demand that all respect Iraq's sovereignty. We don't want to be a party to
any strife aimed at settling scores," Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told a Baghdad news conference.

Talabani says Iranians ready for talks with U.S. on regional security:

Talabani, currently on a visit to Syria, said "the Iranians showed flexibility.
I will say it for history that they said they are ready for an understanding
with American from Afghanistan to Lebanon. They are ready for discussions in
order to reach results that please both sides."

US firm on nuclear condition for Iran talks:

The United States on Friday stuck by its demand that Iran freeze sensitive
nuclear activity before any bilateral talks, after Iraq's president said Tehran
was ready to discuss several key disputes.

U.S. Launches Armed Force to "Block Iranian Influence" in Iraq:

The special operations mission, known as Task Force 16, was created late last
year to target Iranians trafficking arms and training Shiite militia forces. The operation is
modeled on Task Force 15, a clandestine cadre of Navy SEALs, Army Delta Force
soldiers, and CIA operatives with a mission to capture or kill al Qaeda
operatives and Baathist insurgents in Iraq.

US lawmakers demand Bush ask Congress before invading Iran :

The bill, introduced by longtime Iraq war critic Walter Jones, a Republican, and
five other US lawmakers calls on the president obtain authorization for an
attack on Iran, unless the United States or US interests are attacked first.

Jordan will develop nuclear power :

Jordan aspires to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes and believes that
unless all sides move quickly toward a peace settlement in the region, the
recent confrontation in Lebanon is only a hint of disasters to come.

Britain deeply concerned at death of Palestinian girl:

The British Government said Friday it was deeply concerned to hear of the death
of a 10-year-old Palestinian girl as a result of an Israeli operation in Anata,
east of Jerusalem.

Israel's ethnic cleansing policies in Palestine. :

Audio: Nora Barrows-Friedman reports from inside Israel and documents the ethnic
cleansing that is going on in Palestinian areas.

Lebanon opposition to call general strike:

Lebanon's Hezbollah-led opposition will call for a general strike next week,
stepping up a campaign to topple the government, a senior political source said
on Friday.

Professor says America seeks Afghanistan Oil Deal:

The mounting U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries may enable Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, UNOCAL, and other giant corporations to
lay claim to "the number-one prize in world oil." But the extension of U.S.
military power and economic domination into this region comes with very grave

Pyongyang claims deal reached with US on N-talks:

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said three days of talks in Berlin between US
envoy Christopher Hill and North Korea’s main nuclear negotiator Kim Kye Gwan
had been held “in a positive and sincere atmosphere and a certain agreement was
reached there.” No further details were given.

Ex-US Defense Chief Suggests Military Action Against North Korea :

The United States should consider military action against North Korea if China
and South Korea refuse to prod Pyongyang to end its nuclear weapons program,
former US defense secretary William Perry proposed Thursday

Simplify, then exaggerate:the neo-cons' route to disaster:

Neo-conservative columnists have tended to follow the trial lawyers' approach to
expertise. First, decide what you want to argue then find an expert who agrees
with you.

War Crimes Report Translated And Published In Arabic:

The Arabic language edition of the War Crimes Report is available for free

Sen. Leahy Slams Gonzalez Over Torture :

Senator Leahy blasted Alberto Gonzalez at todays briefing over the treatment of
Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who was detained and sent to Syria, where he was
regularly tortured for almost a year before being released uncharged.

Medical Apartheid:

The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial
Times to the Present

Bill Moyers: Life on the Plantation:

Video: It has long been said (ostensibly by Benjamin Franklin, but we can't be
sure) that "democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for
dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." My fellow lambs:

Robert Parry : Scooter Libby's Time-Travel Trial:

The real significance of the Libby trial is that it could demonstrate how far
George W. Bush went in 2003 to shut down legitimate criticism of his Iraq War
policies as well as questions about his personal honesty

Prosecutor: Ohio County Rigged Recount:

Three county elections workers conspired to avoid a more thorough recount of
ballots in the 2004 presidential election, a prosecutor told jurors during
opening statements of their trial Thursday.

Rogers Says Oil Will Rise to $100 After `Correction':

Oil will resume its march toward $100 a barrel after a ``correction,'' said Jim
Rogers, who predicted the start of the commodities rally in 1999.


Peace & Joy
Tom Feeley
Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August
1765) John Adams
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