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Dr. Zakir Naik Interview---email by Zhid Khwaja

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 5:55 am    Post subject: Dr. Zakir Naik Interview---email by Zhid Khwaja Reply with quote

In the name of Al'lah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Dr. Zakir Naik Interview

Interviewed by : Prof. Syed Neaz Ahmed (The Saudi Gazette )

Location : Makkah Al-Mukaramma

Date : March 31'2006

Coordinated by : Mohammed Faheem

( Impact Peace Vision, Makkah Al-Mukarrama )

Dr. Zakir Naik, the well-known comparative religion scholar and Dawah worker was in Makkah Al-Mukarramah last week. Despite his very tight schedule he gave Saudi Gazette some of his time to discuss the recently launched satellite channel, Peace TV. Dr. Zakir is the spirit behind this ambitious project but he modestly calls himself just an adviser . Peace TV and Dr. Zakir Naik recently featured in a Newsweek magazine article which many media men interpreted as recognition of Peace TV by the Western media.

Peace TV launched by the Dubai-based Global Broad-casting Corporation started its test transmissions last December but marked its official launch on 21st January with a live debate that was telecast from Bangalore.

The participants of the debate were Dr. Zakir Naik and Art of Living Guru Ravi Shankar. Art of Living is a way to achieve a peaceful life. Ravi Shankar's breathing technique is very popular and his organization claims to have millions of followers in 125 countries across the world - including the Middle East.

The three-hour debate telecast to audiences in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East was a great success in terms of presentation and effectiveness. Dr. Zakir told Saudi Gazette that as a result of this debate over 50 persons among the audiences in different cities of India were won over to Islam.

Peace TV has been officially on air for a little over two months but feedback from audiences worldwide and media gurus confirm that with high quality graphics, professional presentation and well-researched programs it has made its mark among the competitive field of satellite TV channels.

The present format of programs is about 75 percent English and some 25 percent Urdu. Programs include like lectures, debates, symposiums, question-answer phone-in sessions, talks and interactive quiz programs with studio audience. In the near future they plan to telecast current affairs programs like views on news and news analysis but it might take a few months to materialize.

Dr. Zakir said Global Broadcastings future plans also include the launch of a separate News Channel and a separate English and Urdu Channel. This he said would facilitate to target programs to Muslim and non-Muslim audiences. The launch of Peace TV has cost the company around US $3 million and the monthly operating cost is about $250,000. Asked if Peace TV would carry advertisements, Dr Zakir said yes but only halal commercials.

It's at a huge cost but with Allah s help and support from our brothers we hope to propagate the message of Islam to the world. We aim to reach the non-Muslim audience and also to cater for the Muslim community.

Dr. Zakir said though Muslims do have the resources and the ability but so far haven't concentrated to create a niche for themselves in the media world.

There are Islamic TV channels that target Arabic and Urdu speaking listeners but that way our message does not reach the non-Muslims. However, with 24-hour prime time and non-prime time English programs beamed to the world we hope to bring Peace (Islam) to millions of homes.

Peace tv :

The Solution for Humanity

24 Hour Islamic Edutainment, International Satellite TV Channel

· Telecasting 'Free to Air' State of the art TV Programmes in English and Urdu.

· Backed by the best available Media Technology, Creativity, Research, Programmes software and Operational Management.

· Quest for promoting Truth, Justice, Morality, Harmony and Wisdom for the whole of Humankind.

· Now can be received in more than 125 countries… in ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE, AFRICA and AUSTRALIA. Shortly it would be telecast to the rest of the world too.

· The TV programmes will features internationally famous scholars and orators on religion and humanity like :

Dr. Zakir Naik (India)

Shaikh Ahmed Deedat (South Africa)

Dr. Bilal Philips (Canada)

Yassir Fazaga (USA)

Abdul Raheem Green (UK)

Hussain Ye (Malaysia)

Dr. Jafer Idris (Sudan)

Salem Al-Amri (UAE)

Dr. Israr Ahmed (Pakistan)

Moulana Parekh (India) and many others….


"War, for Peace" has become the unjust slogan of many tyrants and oppressors on this earth. True Peace seems to elude humankind.

Entrainment and Corporate Media does not provide the peace it proclaims. It has in reality made the people more fearful, lustful, violent and greedy. Escapism from faith in God, humane values and good deeds is their mirage.

Islam means "Peace" – internal and external. It is essential, therefore, to know, practice and propagate Islam to attain peace in this life and the hereafter.

Media and Islam

· Islam, today, is the most misunderstood religion. It bears the brunt of misconceptions and hate propaganda.

· The powerful mass media, aligned to deceitful political and corporate interests, spread these misconceptions virulently.. Worldwide.

· While portraying Islam, integrity and reliability are bypassed by the media with professional charm and finesse.

· Wise and apt Islamic viewpoint are seldom covered in the mainstream media, whereas aberrations by a few mislead Muslims are highlighted.

· Muslims hardly have any hold or influence on major media, especially TV. They instead exhibit on apologetic attitude and an inferiority complex.

Reach of the tv media

· Today more than 20,000 TV stations around the globe reach out to 5 billion people worldwide. Such TV plays a major role in shaping public opinion.

· With more than US $ 400 billion invested in TV productions and distribution alone, it is serious business laden with cut-throat competition, political manipulations and corporate interests.

· Global scale media mergers in the industry have led to limiting the viewpoints having access to mass media, specially the Islamic world.

· The scenario needs to be countered with a global reach for truth of Islam. As the Qur'an advise us :

" When truth is hurdled against falsehood, falsehood perishes, for falsehood by its nature bound to perish"

Holy Qur'an Surah Al-Isra Ch 17 : Vr. 81

why peace tv ?

· Peace TV is not another Islamic channel, nor will it promote any particular Islamic sect or dogma.

· Peace TV will, Insha'Allah provide its viewers with state of art TV programmes. These would be base on authentic teaching of the Qur'an and Hadith.

· Peace TV will, Insha'Allah is backed by the best available media technology, creativity, research and operational management.

· Peace TV would, Insha'Allah be a respected global media outlet presenting Islam and removing misconception about Islam.

· Peace TV would also promote interfaith dialogues, common teaching of scriptures of major religions and world peace.

· Peace TV would, Insha'Allah make both Muslims and Non-Muslims realize the effectiveness of Islam in solving problems of humankind. Solutions, derived from their Creator, the all aware.

· Join us ………..in our mission for peace – Through Peace TV.

email by Zhid Khwaja
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