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Salat IS Not Namaz

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Dr. Shabbir
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:28 pm    Post subject: Salat IS Not Namaz Reply with quote

ASA Dr. Shabbir,

I hope this e-mail finds you blessed & in good health.
My name is Yasar Habib. My father (Baqir) and my mother (Almas) have been in touch with you and really admire your research.

I myself have had a few questions and have been researching the Quran to find answers. I write to you after reading your blog
entry "Salaat vs. Namaz" (http://ourbeacon.com/index.php?p=29347)

I have searched and searched found nothing in the quran stating anything about our 5 times a day practice of "Namaz" or the prayer we offer.
The Almighty has given us very detailed insturctions in the book of life (Quran) and how we should go about living it. He has given us a foundation
and a book of reference, rules, regulations and guidance. My mind fails to accept why the almighty, the all knowing wouldnt' give us any
details of praying 5 times a day? My personal opinion is that prayer and declaration of the oneness of god is if we believe and live by the book
he has given to us.

I read through your entire post Salaat vs. Namaaz a few times and also the post Namaaz and Zorastrianism & I checked references and did my own research to make sure that the points listed tallied up and were valid, which they were. This brings me to my final point/question... this was your final point of post:


In my humble opinion, we should continue the ritual Namaz as it is until a true Islamic state is established somewhere. The government will then decide how to bring the true spirit of Salaat into today's empty ritual.

My question: Why continue something that is basically more or less of an add on and has no roots to the quran ? This ritual/tradition clearly seems to have been added on, and realistically speaking holds very little value. I say very little value only because we are taught to do this at sucha young age and no one ever questions why? Why do we pray 5 times a day? Where does it say that we must pray five times a day. Allah in his book as mentioned the most minute of details to give law and ordinance to the way we live... any addition or subtraction would be to go against, so... Must we go on and pray because that is the only thing we know and have been taught? (taught by all books but the Quran)


I am 23, and still learning and have a long way to go (I think the learning process never ends). I would like to thank you for the articles and material you have published as it has opened my eyes on alot of the issues that we have been programmed to believe in, word for word and never question.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Yasar Habib

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