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Tom Feeley's Information Clearinghouse

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:04 pm    Post subject: Tom Feeley's Information Clearinghouse Reply with quote

Tom Feeley's Information Clearinghouse

“We never see the smoke and the fire, we never smell the blood, we never see the
terror in the eyes of the children, whose nightmares will now feature screaming
missiles from unseen terrorists, will be known only as Americans.” : Martin

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing
no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this
invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and
corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.” : President
Theodore Roosevelt - 1906

“A great industrial Nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of
credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation and all our activities are in
the hands of a few men.

“We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely
controlled and dominated Governments in the world — no longer a government of
free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but
a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” : Woodrow
Wilson - From his Campaign Speeches, 1912

“If a baseball player slides into home plate and, right before the umpire rules
if he is safe or out, the player says to the umpire — ‘Here is $1,000.’ What
would we call that? We would call that a bribe. If a lawyer was arguing a case
before a judge and said, ‘Your honor before you decide on the guilt or innocence
of my client, here is $1,000.’ What would we call that? We would call that a
bribe. “But if an industry lobbyist walks into the office of a key legislator
and hands her or him a check for $1,000, we call that a campaign contribution.
We should call it a bribe.” : Janice Fine - Dollars and Sense magazine


Read this newsletter online http://tinyurl.com/dy6yy

Number Of Iraqi Civilians Slaughtered In America's War On Iraq - At Least
655,000 + +

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In
America'sWar On Iraq 3,067

The U.S. War On Iraq Costs

See the cost in your community

What Can Be Done in Iraq?

Strategic Errors of Monumental Proportions

By Lt. General WILLIAM E. ODOM (US Army Ret.)

The war has served primarily the interests of Iran and al Qaeda, not American

Battle For Haifa Street

3 Minute Video

Why does CBS refuses to show U.S. television audiences this report exposing the
slaughter and destruction of Baghdad?


This video should only be viewed by a mature audience. Click here to view

Stop the Iran War Before It Starts

By Scott Ritter

Democrats should seek immediate legislative injunctions to nullify the War
Powers' authority granted to the President in September 2001 and October 2002
when it comes to Iran.

Iran Attack

Secret War Plans Against Iran Revealed


Scarborough Repeats Lies Regarding Iran's President and Pimps A War With Iran.

Click to view

Truth Game

A documentary film by John Pilger

This is a must watch

John Pilger's penetrating documentary which looks at world-wide propaganda
surrounding the nuclear arms race.

Click to view

The hidden cost of free congressional trips to Israel

By Jim Abourezk

Branded as 'educational,' these trips offer Israeli propagandists an opportunity
to expose members of Congress to only their side of the story.

The Living Dead

By Michael S. Rozeff

A hundred or more years ago, when philosophers declared God dead; when science
shook faith; when socialism postulated new ideals; when the U.S. pursued
national power; Americans turned away from the beliefs, ethics, and practices that had brought them
bounty. And now, after many years, we can see clearly, if we would or could,
that we made a wrong turn.

Fake Left, Rule Right

Mexico Under Calderon

By John Ross

It was as startling an about-face as veteran Latin American political observers
could recall. Here was Felipe Calderon, the iconic right-winger and George
Bush's latest Latino poodle dog who was awarded the Mexican presidency in
fraud-marred elections last July, pumping the flesh with Latin American
boogeymen Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.

"Top Ten" Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories of 2006

By Doctors Without Borders

The ninth annual list also highlights the lack of media attention paid to the
plight of people affected by the consequences of conflict in Haiti, Somalia,
Colombia, Chechnya, and central India.

Iraq: At least 50 killed in another bloody day of U.S. occupation:

Police found 27 bodies, most tortured and shot dead, in different parts of
Baghdad, a police source said.

Blast kills another 40 in occupied Iraqi capital :

Forty people have been killed and 80 injured in a car bomb in the Karrada
shopping district of central Baghdad, local officials say

Video: Bomb kills another 13 in Baghdad market:

The explosion went off about an hour before a weekly vehicle curfew in the Iraqi
capital, which is aimed at protecting mosques during Friday noon prayers.

U.S. lied about deaths of 4 soldiers in occupied Iraq:

Contrary to public statements by the U.S. military, four U.S. soldiers did not
die repelling a sneak attack at the governor's office in the Shiite holy city of
Karbala last week. New information obtained by The Associated Press shows they were abducted and found
dead or dying as far as 25 miles away.

New pressure on Mahdi Army :

What's behind the arrest of 600 members of the Mehdi Army Shia militia? :

Feingold Pushes Plan to Cut Off War Funds :

Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., has scheduled a hearing next Tuesday in his
Judiciary Committee subcommittee to explore whether Congress has the authority
to cut off funding for the U.S. military campaign in Iraq.

Bush: `I'm the decision-maker' on Iraq

President Bush, on a collision course with Congress over Iraq, said
Friday "I'm the decision-maker" about sending more troops to the war. He
challenged skeptical lawmakers not to prematurely condemn his plan.

Rockefeller: Cheney Applied "Constant" Pressure to Stall Investigation on Flawed Iraq

In an interview with McClatchy Newspapers, Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia
also accused President Bush of running an illegal program by ordering
eavesdropping on Americans' international e-mails and telephone communications
without court-issued warrants.

Cheney: Senate Resolution "Won't Stop Us":

Vice President Says It's "Hogwash" To Say Bush's Credibility Is At Stake In Iraq

Saturday anti-war protest expected to draw thousands:

Similar events are planned in dozens of cities around the United States, with
some of the largest expected in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Organizers said
they aim to put pressure on both the White House and Congress to end the war.

U.S. military cleared to kill Iranian "operatives" in occupied Iraq:

The Bush administration has authorized the U.S. military to kill or capture Iranian operatives inside Iraq,
as part of an aggressive new strategy to weaken Tehran's influence across the
Middle East and compel Iran to give up its nuclear program, according to
government and counterterrorism officials with direct knowledge of the effort.

Chris Floyd: Bush's New Assassination Order :

George W. Bush has already authorized his agents to kill American citizens --
without arrest, charge, trial, or even any warning -- if the victim has been
designated -- arbitrarily, at the whim of the "Leader," outside any judicial
process or oversight -- as an "enemy combatant."

Mysterious death of Iran’s top scientist: :

One of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, Ardeshir Hassanpour, a professor at the
University of Shiraz, has died under mysterious circumstances.

20 "Taliban fighters" killed in occupied Afghanistan:

Afghan officials claimed they had killed about 20 Taliban fighters in two
provinces of the country during the previous 24 hours. The men, the officials
said to be militants, were killed in the southern province of Helmand and the
southeastern province of Paktika, bordering the neighbouring Pakistan.

Afghan parliamentary member killed in occupied Kabul :

An Afghan parliamentary member named Mohammad Islam Mohammadi was killed by an
unknown gunman in Kabul on Friday afternoon, Interior Ministry spokesman Zamarai
Bashari told Xinhua.

US bows to pressure with $10bn for Afghanistan:

The Bush administration has responded to pressure at home and abroad by
promising to provide more than $10bn for Afghanistan, although a big gap remains
between Washington’s commitment of troops and money and that of its allies,
diplomats said on Friday.

2 Killed In Suicide Blast in Pakistan: :

Pakis-tan’s security stood exposed on Friday as a suicide bomber stormed into
the heart of the capital at a five-star hotel, metres away from the presidency,
the Prime Minister’s House, the Natio-nal Assembly and other high-profile
buildings, killing two people and injuring seven others.

Six Palestinians killed, Scores Wounded during Infighting in Gaza:

The situation is so miserable as ambulances and medical crews are unable to
reach the shooting area, where large number of the executive force are besieging
the house of Fatah Al-Aqsa Brigades leader, Mas’oud

Family of a ten-year-old child killed by the Israeli army demand justice to be

Family of Abeer Al Arameen, a ten-year old Palestinian girl killed by the
Israeli army in Anata town, north east of Jerusalem, demanded the Israeli army
to conduct a probe into her death and to prosecute the soldiers responsible.

Former Israeli cabinet minister supports Pres. Carter re "Apartheid.":

Carter is based on him daring to tell the truth which is known to all: Through
its army, the government of Israel practices a brutal form of apartheid in the
territory it occupies.

Leaked Israeli document gives frightening glimpse of apartheid:

The document provides detail of the regime of severe movement restrictions,
bureaucratic ethnic cleansing and political manipulation and fostering of
collaborators that Israel operates in the the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Gilad Atzmon - Brave New World War :

The new American initiative at the UN, which is aiming at transforming the world
into a ‘Holocaust Denial Free Zone’ has very little to do with genuine
truth-seeking or an authentic interest in historical research.

Robert Fisk: Money can't close the sectarian divide in Lebanon :

If only money could buy peace - or was the £4bn handed out to Lebanon's Prime
Minister in Paris yesterday supposed to help him defeat America's Hizbollah
enemies in Beirut's increasingly savage street battles?

Fanning Fears of a Space War:

The revelation last week that China had slammed a medium-range ballistic missile
into one of its aging satellites on January 11 and littered space with junk
fragments has created its own form of political debris in Washington, D.C.

'Four dead' in Haiti UN operation :

The UN mission in Haiti says four people were killed when its peacekeepers
expanded their presence in the Cite Soleil slum of Port-au-Prince.

Ecuador's defense minister killed in air collision:

The accident in the Andean nation further rattles the leftist government of
President Rafael Correa, who has clashed with Congress over his executive powers
and prompted street protests since taking office along with his ministers on Jan

Rumsfeld's transition raises questions:

Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has left the Pentagon, but not the
Defense Department. On Jan. 4, Mr. Rumsfeld opened a government-provided
transition office in Arlington and has seven Pentagon-paid staffers working for
him, a Pentagon official said.

Paul Krugman: On Being Partisan :

The nastiness of modern American politics isn’t the result of a random outbreak
of bad manners. It’s a symptom of deeper factors — mainly the growing
polarization of our economy. And history says that we’ll see a return to
bipartisanship only if and when that economic polarization is reversed.

GOP tries to kill minimum wage:

According to Allard, employees in all states should expect that the good-hearted
nature of business would compensate them in a way that's fair and just

Who Voted To Eliminate The Federal Minimum Wage? :

Here's the Republican Senators who voted for the measure killed in the Senate
yesterday that would have eliminated the Federal Minimum Wage entirely:

Killing America: Up To Half U.S. Credit Card Bankruptcies Medical-Driven:

A disturbing new report shows that with health care costs continuing their sharp
rise, low- and middle-income patients are reaching for their credit cards with
alarming frequency to cover treatment that they otherwise would be unable to

Maine revolts against digital U.S. ID card By Jason Szep :

Maine lawmakers on Thursday became the first in the nation to demand repeal of a
federal law tightening identification requirements for drivers' licenses, a
post-September 11 security measure that states say will cost them billions of
dollars to administer.


Peace & Joy
Tom Feeley
Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August
1765) John Adams
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