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Parsi-Helpful Community--THANKS
By:abdalaziz ariff
Date: Sunday, 27 December 2020, 6:18 am

Parsi- Helpful Community. THANKS

From March 19, 1971 thru November 1971, three ships [Shams, Rustum and Ohrmazd], helped the Urdu speaking flea from Chittagong, East Pakistan to Karachi.

Almost eight days journey-Bay of Bengal-Indian Ocean- Arabian Sea.
The Urdu Speaking who came to Karachi should be thankful to the Ship owners. All Parsi’s.

May be they remembered their exodus from Iran, they felt their duty to help other fellow humans.

This idiot left on March 21. 1971 a day before army took action , boarded Ohrmazd---The owner Ardeshir Cowasjee.

His brother in law was Jamshed Marker , one of the two best Pakistani ambassadors, the other Lt.Gen. Yakub Ali Khan. Both Pukka Pakistani.



Ohrmazd - once a VIP transport
In 1980 the cargo ship Orhmazd, brought the Pakistani flag to Halifax for perhaps the first time.


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Parsi-Helpful Community--THANKS
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