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Re: David Icke our new saviour
By:Aarun Uk Truther
Date: Thursday, 24 December 2020, 2:59 pm
In Response To: David Icke our new saviour (jawaid ahmed)

This is the man Aarun the deceiver says we should all rest our hopes on and I will let you make your own decision"

jawaid it should be apparent to everyone reading this, that your Ego has been hurt and many of your deep rooted core beliefs(With no proof whatsoever ) have been rocked and shaken to the core hence the Lies you are spewing regarding myself.

In an earlier post you mentioned Quranic Verse about Insults yet you are full of insults calling me a Deceiver. what hypocrisy.

Show the people on here and to the Moderators where I "say/said" that all people should rest their hopes on David Icke or on anyone for that matter, directly or even remotely indirectly?? Show me if you speak the TRUTH! If Not, then STOP SPREDING LIES ABOUT ME. It will be better for you. Whether you saying this in jest or not, you said it, not me. "david icke our new saviour" You call yourself a Quran only follower and behave in this manner? It's not looking good for you. Stop twisting the Truth.

Now People, Lets look at what Me, Aarun did post. here it is nothing but a Link. You decide.

They Have Planned This From The Beginning | David Icke

Yet you are now trying your utmost best to deceive the people in showing links of a video that was made 25-30 years ago which has nothing to do with me or that I would ever post. I know exactly what you are trying to do and you are only deceiving yourself and others. Let go Sir, Let go with this obsession you have with david or with me now. I could certainly if I wanted to demolish many of the things you have wrote in your posts but I won't even care to bother bec imho your are far off the mark, but hey you're entitled to your opinions but I let people decide for themselves. I will never force anyone to believe anything.

Why you so upset because Free Thinkers like myself can actually think for them self and who don't believe everything and anything authority feeds them or that they may have a different world view than yours. Again let go of your bruised ego. Move on.

There are so many posts on here about many topics that people post yet you seem to be on a mission to keep harassing me with lies and nonsense. Shame Sir!. However, it's okay Jawaid don't worry I can forgive you Brother. Peace.

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