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Re: Donald Trump’s dark era
By:Sidqi, ca
Date: Wednesday, 23 December 2020, 6:19 pm
In Response To: Donald Trump’s dark era (Brig Gen Asif Haroon Raja, Brussels)

Brig Sahab,
i am impressed with your credentials but you are biased. Your topic should have been Trump's golden era not because of golden hair but economy.
First of all we Pakistanis are used to see every thing, country and government from Pakistan's interest point of view. World doesn't operate that way, is not obliged to be just for Pakistan but themselves and their own interest.

Now, about Trump's attitude towards handing over power to dems. Remember 2016 immediately after taking over , the dems started a huge campaign of accusations that his election was intrigued by Russians and Putin. After two years of insulting talk and finishing Muller's reports dems went quiet. This was all unnecessary and maligning a legitimate president. Trump is not forgetting that and will equalize in same coin as election rigging charges against Biden. He will make it very difficult for Biden to take over.

Now in his period US got highest growth and lowest unemployment rate ever as 3%. No where in world it happened in human history.
Economy was booming like any thing. He helped entire nation at the peak of Covid19 with a stimulus of $1200 costing state as 3 trillion. and now from then till today dems in congress and Palosi are not letting any more stimulus coming up.

He did not start any war as it usually happens in every Republican president's time, rather closing Afghan war with a deal with Talibaans. Sold half a trillion war equipment to Saudi Arabia alone in interest of US.
Whereas Obama mailed half a trillion cash on a special flight to Iranians to buy their deal of non nuclearization. What a bad deal it was, they are still continuing with their nuclear programs. Obama should have been impeached on this foolish innocent donation. Result of an inexperienced president and cunning Iranians. They got huge cash and no monitoring on programs. They are still busy on fissions but can not finish. A train to nowhere.

Space programs started again as Nasa out sourced projects to private sector with great success.

I can not elaborate much here like you but plz understand that US and world is not about Pakistan as your desires. Pakistan is a tiny dot on world map economically and technically. Most of Pakistanis make their opinion from their country's interest and loans/aids programs. Saudi Arabia/Uae will be bad tomorrow if aid stop.

A journalist / think tank consultant should be unbiased.

Thank You.
Sidqi, ca

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Sidqi, ca -- Wednesday, 23 December 2020, 6:19 pm