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Re: Covid vaccine- must see
By:Aarun UK Truther
Date: Saturday, 19 December 2020, 11:38 pm
In Response To: Re: Covid vaccine- must see (jawaid ahmed)

By:jawaid ahmed


Lockdowns alone , tier 1, 2 3 4 and so on should be enough to tell you something is just not right. You got that part right so start applying the same logic for other stuff. Top virologist of the world have explained many times you can not catch a virus just threw the air, it has to be directly injected in your body. Our Bodies are full of Viruses that are needed to expel the toxins we have.

But look and think carefully about social distancing. How can you be social and distant at the same time? It's an oxymoron. This makes no sense whatsoever. Another point is this. Outside restaurants people are queuing up waiting to enter with masks on and then once they are seated everyone can take their masks off and start eating and chatting. what?? hahah Also same for supermarkets. 2 metre rule outside but when inside people are shopping walking very close to each other many times at very close proximity. again makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The majority of those who have died are the elderly and most have had prior other under-lining health conditions. It's got nothing to do with being socially responsible. That is just to keep everyone in fear. Classic mind control mechanism. To this day I have never worn a mask in any shop. yes I've been asked to do so, but kindly stated I don't need one and walk around with a smile on my face and will continue to do so.

"Is this too much to ask? Or do you think you are living in Eden where there are no diseases but only devious snakes?"

Of a surety this is No Eden but diseases and toxins are for real and are of numerous kinds. Many people in the world are suffering from anxiety and depressions and that is just out of the fear that they've allowed themselves to be fed by MSM. They have no such viruses However, the covid19 virus so called pandemic has easily been able to cause the biggest chain of events the whole world has ever seen and witnessed in history of mankind taking away our freedoms and livelihoods and finally compromising our health. Does one really think that this just happened without any major planning pre hand? Many people think this will go away soon and we will go back to normal. Trust me My Brother, this is never going away and only going to get worst. It is never ever going to be like it used to be, mark my words. London, I believe is already ready to go in to tier 4 lockdowns. more to come...

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