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Re: Covid is Hoax
By:Mahmood Qaddus, Canada
Date: Saturday, 19 December 2020, 5:52 pm
In Response To: Re: Covid is Hoax (Aarun Uk Truther)

Ok fine, but consider that Iran (enemy of the USA) does recognise that they have a real COVID-19/virus issue otherwise they would be the first to shout conspiracy from the roof tops about the media coverage and not buy into the vaccine, which by the way Iran’s enemy Israel is buying in large quantities (and could be behind it as one conspiracy if you favour such possibilities ;-)

On the other hand, Pakistan, India and the third world countries (as is the rest of the world) also recognise a real virus issue in the same way but wait, are suddenly all the Professors, GP's, Scientists, etc from these countries in on these conspiracies and as such are simpletons or idiots to not know any better; despite dedicating their lives to these careers?

So, what we have is two camps here:

1, One extreme is that it is a complete hoax (that is brainwashing in itself)

2, The other is that most or all information against COVID-19/Virus are conspiracies (yes I know this is highly debatable, etc)

My reserved view is that it is neither of the above but...

Quick Note: By the way….the earth is still not flat despite the fact your metaphorical world might me.

Also, your What’s App pics statuses write: “the earth is flat motionless, etc” on both numbers. You are still maintaining a lie and I have to say, you have made a quick desperate shift to this topic immediately and relentlessly on the forum to try and compensate for the heavily bruised ego because of having the flat earth stupidity and embarrassingly destroyed. This however, still does not compensate for that as you have gone from one extreme to another....and you keep doing this again, again and again like a Velcro attachment to every topic. Nothing new here.

Things mentioned like "Truth is stranger than fiction" or wake up from this deep subconscious programming. In view of what I have stated above, you what, are you kidding me? Or does one just have a leak up there in the attic somewhere? Good heavens...how obtuse.

Advice, please consider also getting rid of that Truther bit after your name as even I have started to feel embarrassed about this now. I say this because after all the previous flat earth indefensible thrashings, you still knowingly maintain the lie...ironic since you refer to yourself as a Truther in these matters or is this too now a conspiracy? Keep safe and wear a mask always (only applies to you) Lol.

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