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Re: Covid is Hoax
By:Ishfaq Mohammed (US, Colorado)
Date: Saturday, 19 December 2020, 5:17 pm
In Response To: Covid is Hoax (Linda Goodman, VA)

I would disagree with the following points in this article.

“Don’t expect any honest answer from health authorities”

Is it then justifiable to attack the character of all the professional professors, doctors and so from these health authorities? I am sure there is honest ones there at least, yes or no? After all, there are good and bad apples in every market.

“Notice that the media are not Covid experts but they claim to have the only correct explanation.”

No but every other Facebook or twitter or fanatical religious Christian denomination website is an expert on spreading COVID-19 misinformation videos that are taken for granted. Professors and alternative health professionals do on occasions enter the media arena and provide their take. Not all are puppets of the media. People from all cross sections of society will agree or disagree for whatever reasons.

There was an expression in one of the messages, "Tell Lie vision," yes there are ‘expletives’ on TV and a level of propaganda but same can be said of social media platforms and the various websites where such info is taken from.

In my opinion, it is also their vision that Tells the lie…. as if in the Twilight Zone.

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