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Re: Hi Mask-wearers!
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2020, 1:30 pm
In Response To: Re: Hi Mask-wearers! (Aarun Uk Truther)

Aarun uk the deceiver.
You are guilty of worshipping the golden calf of conspiracies, when all it takes is a little tug on your forelock to see sense.

The original post had a lie that masks do not work because they do not stop air, when it is droplets with covid that are stopped or reduced 90% so they do help.

What tyranny has to do with this I have no idea and not at all relevant to the wearing of masks.

You are in the UK, come to Alum Rock, Birmingham and I will take you the homes of those who have died from covid and you can look their grieving relatives in the eyes and tell them this is all a joke.

Until then, I await my RNA protein induced, pfizer covid vaccine which has just been approved by UK MHRA, medicines regulator.

Hopefully without the silicon chip implants, nanites, 5G, wi-fi transmitters so they know where I am at all times, sterilisation, pork product, or whatever else Karen wants her bukra sheep believing is in them. Far from golden, far from golden, more like fools gold!

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