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Why Atheists Do Not Believe in God?
By:Badar Habib US
Date: Sunday, 29 November 2020, 12:41 am

Why Atheists Do Not Believe in God?

Atheists do not believe in God because they are looking for a scientific evidence for His existence. An atheist’s intellect is limited and only deals with energy, time, matter and space. God is transcendental – He does not need the realms of time, matter and space to manifest Himself. Hence, he does not leave footprints or any physical evidence to prove His existence. Besides, He does not care whether one believes in his existence or not.

To prove the existence of God one needs to use Philosophy and Logic. But one cannot use logic and philosophy to convince someone whose level of intelligence is restricted to the realm of physical world.

Cause and Effect.

Trying to convince someone who does not believe in the theory of cause and effect is a sheer waste of time.

1. To prove the existence of God using the premises of Cause and Effect one has to accept that the Universe has a beginning and will have an end.
2. The second argument is that everybody stays in its original state unless an external force changes it. Nothing in the Universe happens on its own - everything is causal.
3. The force or the entity creating or controlling the universe is external to the Universe and has to be more powerful than the Universe. Since its external to the Universe, it is not governed by the physical laws of energy, matter, time and space. That is why the questions regarding the beginning of God or where did God come from, are absurd and meaningless.

This logical conclusion leads us to wonder: if the universe had a cause, what is that cause? The cause certainly could not have been anything within the universe or even the universe itself, since things can’t cause themselves to come into existence.

Thus, the cause of the universe must be something beyond the universe, something beyond all matter, energy, space, and time. In other words, it must be transcendent (beyond the universe), it must be immaterial (beyond matter and space), it must be eternal (beyond time), and if it has created something so massively complex as the universe, it must be tremendously powerful and intelligent. It must be God and this how one proves the existence of God.