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Re: Is it Islamophobia?
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Friday, 27 November 2020, 1:27 pm
In Response To: Is it Islamophobia? (Suto Marsh, France)

Islamophobia is a hatred of Islam.

Islam= a balanced and peaceful way of existence with the use of force for self defence, when attacked, and to help the persecuted.

What have the Bukharian 'muslims' shown Islam to be?

Blasphemy and ridicule are not punishable by death in the Qur'an but only for those with an inferiority complex brought about by the mulla-gods who have stopped all forms of questioning what they present as Islam with the threat of a death sentence.

Those so-called muslims who are questioning France over its response to a barbaric, age of jahiliya murder of an innocent, should man up and start following Allah and His Qur'an. Put their own house in order first.

When the Qur'an says fight those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, the Islamic just social and economic humanity state, then we should thank the French for doing our job for us by rooting out these jahil extremists defaming the name of the Messenger and Islam.

It is not islamaphobia but backward-islam-phobia.

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