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By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 16 November 2020, 1:21 am


“We must realize that the government of an Islamic State is neither
Aristocracy in which the supremacy is that of privileged persons; nor
Autocracy in which the supremacy is that of a dictator or an absolute
ruler. nor Bureaucracy in which the officials reign supreme; nor
Theocracy in which the priestly class is the dominant authority: nor
Democracy in which the sovereignty lies in the people; but it is a
"Quranocracy' in which the sovereignty lies in the injunctions. laws and
permanent values given by the Qur’an which is the only final. complete
and unadulterated revealed Book. now present on the fact of the earth.”

“Every election in Pakistan brings forward a good number of imbeciles. moat of them having poor academic background. Their opinion
can easily be purchased. by anybody who possesses sufficient money. They get elected because of their wealth with which they. buy votes and after being elected they get this wealth spent by them. multiplied manifold. by unfair means. They can even be bribed to change parties and neither the buyers nor the bought feel ashamed of it. The term Horse-trading is prevalent for this disgraceful act of these people. They are so much absorbed in greed and selfishness that they have neither time, nor capacity. to perform the function of law-making 'A human idea can not arise from the brains of two hundred donkeys'.” [page 7]