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Is Maryam Nawaz that dumb?
By:Jimmy Jamshaid, TX
Date: Saturday, 14 November 2020, 5:10 pm

Nope. She is right & she, Maryam Nawaz is just another LOOTER, trying to be Prime Minister & continue her LOOTING. Yup, just like that other LOOTER, BB, killed by her Looter husband; ........with a balance of USD $ 8.5 billion in her Bank of England Account. That's just one account. All Looters must be hanged in public & their bodies dragged thru the streets.

& stoopid Pakistanis, still crazy about that useless "Graet Leader BB." All beautiful women are pretty Dumb/boring & useless in bed/sex. Because they are too busy & arrogant, being beautiful.

& like I said before, that: whether we like it or not; "Since Pakistan Army is the only stable/well managed institution, in Pakistan, Army is automatically sucked into Power due to inept failure of Civilian Institutions." Therefore, real power in Pakistan will always be...........the Army not that fake/Fraud "Foreign imposed Democracy in Pakistan." Keep in mind that: "Freedom & Democracy are, Capitalism in disguise." It is the agenda of the Bankers to "put a Credit card in every humans pocket." So they can screw the people with enslaving Debt & high Interests.