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By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Friday, 13 November 2020, 2:25 pm
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33:53 ------ If you have to ask for something, ask them from behind a curtain.
This is purer for your hearts and for theirs. It is not for you to inconvenience
the Messenger of God. And you shall not ever marry his wives after him. -----


The words of the Creator in the Qur’an about private life and asking a question from behind a curtain.

[ Now please explain it to me , these narrations are for which verses. ?????] [ they say without fake narrations we will not understand the Holy Book.]
Kafir Imam of Kafir Shias - Read it & get enlightened & go in ecstasy
Around 140 Al-Hijra, the tomb of the Prophet (S) needed repairs. Builders asked Imam Jafar Sadiq whether it was right to climb the roof. The Imam responded, "Maybe you will find him engaged in sex with one of his wives."
(Usool-e-Kafi, Imam Kaleeni, Kitabil Hujjat 1:452)

Now we examine probably the biggest nasty crap from the biggest Hadith Imam of his time, Ibne Qayyam:
A man complained of being single. The Prophet (S) advised him to take a female pigeon as his wife.
(Imam Al-Muhaddith Al Qayyim, Tibb-e-Nabawi, Al Minaril Hanif pg 106, Zadil Ma'ad)
Our stupid Mullas feel pround to refer Zadil Maad of Hafiz Ibne Qayyam. If u read Quran, Allah witness that Muhammad (S) is the last Prophet with the Best Moral "Khulkun Azeem". Do u think Prophet has said this?
So according to the biggest hadith imam of his time "Hafiz Ibne Qayyam; MUSHRIK hadithers can take this white pretty female pigeon as a wife if they do not find any woman to marry. Enjoy our dear Hadither enjoy. But we are afraid that this beautiful pigeon might die in your first sexual assault on her. So you have to buy 365 pigeons per year. But again question about cost and benefit arises here. You might end up with your calculations that it is much more feasible to marry a chaste lady as per commandments of Noble Quran instead of marrying a beautiful pigeon according to forged hadith of Hafiz ibne Qayyam. LOL.

When Allah says repeatedly in Quran that his Book is complete, his book is THE BEST Hadith (Ahsan Hadith), easy to understand and memorize, fully detailed, standalone, fully preserved & protected from corruption, & it explains itself; then we do not understand why Mushrik Hadithers want misguidance from 2.3 million forged hadiths that were fabricated 200 yrs after the death of Prophet and then connected to the name of Exalted Prophet.



LOL Quiz of the millennium-what was washed most in the last millennium-hands or brains. Happy mental lock down !-:)

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