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Ghamidi,s Views on Divorce/Reconciliation
By:Faisal Iftikhar
Date: Thursday, 12 November 2020, 6:18 pm

I am re-phrasing the question. Its an important and technical question as majority of the Ulema fail to distinguish the Quranic right to re-marry after divorce from the right to merely reconcile (during the waiting period). This question pertains to reconciliation only which is also known as "Ruju" in Urdu.

Assuming that all the pre-requisites of divorce were fulfilled like arbitrators were appointed, witnesses, personal efforts. However, two divorces occur at two different times and while observing the waiting period, the wife returns both the times after reconciliation thus revoking the divorce each of the two times.

Javed Ghamidi: The right of two divorces has been used (inspite of reconciliation)

Now after some more time, third divorce was issued on a seperate occasion.

Question: Will there be any further room for reconciliation during the "idaah period" of this third divorce? Or does Quran immediately end the right to reconcile after a third divorce?

Javed Ghamidi: Even though two divorces previously occurred, reconciliation will still be possible after a third divorce as long as man and woman reconcile within the waiting period.

Ghamidi,s video.


From 15th to 20th mint, Ghamidi speaks on the subject of reconciling after divorce.

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Ghamidi,s Views on Divorce/Reconciliation
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