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Once a Needy Greedy Miser known as Scrooge
By:Arshad Qiyani, midlands, uk
Date: Sunday, 25 October 2020, 1:40 am

This is a positive account of once a needy greedy miser who eventually saw the light. I therefore wish to share this experience of disillusionment that was prior to reading and understanding QXP and the forum.

Whilst engaged on the forum, it has also been really interesting reading numerous posts on political, fanatical issues such as conspiracies and messages relating to flat earther or truthers, and etc. It instantly reminded me of myself as such a person because I exhibited some of the same key destructive delusional traits/characteristics. The difference here is that only mine was related to becoming a needy greedy miser or a scrooge and not pertaining to the previously mentioned.

Like a virus, these posts have reverberated within me immensely even days after reading, why? Because during a particular phase, I was in denial of admitting to scamming large sums of money from people during a financial pyramid scheme I was orchestrating. This scheme fell apart after a few years due to inconsiderate greedy people operating it. Since then, I was not only referred to as scrooge but a needy greedy miser. Of course, this was no doubt true in every respect, and even though this is now hurtful, I have since reformed tremendously after being introduced to the real Islam, QXP, and visiting the forum posts.

I do regret what I was doing which was inviting friends and people to join the scheme by enticing them with big financial figures and withholding finer information for obvious reasons. However, it was really only I who benefitted financially. The more cash I generated the needier and greedier I became; the personification of scrooge is a more befitting description I was living up to. At one point, I even faked that I was robbed when I found out the scheme was going down. This was so that I could shift the money to another source and then look more like the poor victim, without having to payout. However, the catch came when one of my closest and smartest friends quickly worked it all out and took back all the large sums of money which I initially asked him to look after (effectively scammed money from others). Therefore, all those people who lost their money to my need for greed scam, he gave it all back to each of them. You could say that it was more in the sort of a befitting robin hood type of retribution if that makes sense and coupled with a really good deed to boot.

In summary of the above experience, I have morally learned whatever goes around comes around, call it karma or laws of cause and effect as in Allah's law, do such injustice to others, be sure it will bite you back just the same.