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Hitler's speeches
By:Carrie Ward, Belgium
Date: Sunday, 18 October 2020, 11:38 pm

Hitler's Speeches Key - UNCP

A. Speech at Munich on March 15, 1929

If men wish to live, then they are forced to kill others. The entire struggle for survival is a conquest of the means of existence, which in turn results in the elimination of others from these same sources of subsistence. As long as there are peoples on this earth, there will be nations against nations and they will be forced to protect their vital rights in the same way as the individual is forced to protect his rights.

One is either the hammer or the anvil. We confess that it is our purpose to prepare the German people again for the role of the hammer. We admit freely and openly that if our movement is victorious, we will be concerned day and night with the question of how to produce the armed forces, which are forbidden us by the peace treaty [Treaty of Versailles]. We solemnly confess that we consider everyone a scoundrel who does not try day and night to figure out a way to violate this treaty, for we have never recognized this treaty...We will take every step which strengthens our arms, which augments the number of our forces, and which increases the strength of our people. We confess further that we will dash anyone to pieces who should dare hinder us in this undertaking...Our rights will be protected only when the German Reich [country] is again supported by the point of the German dagger...

B. Speech at Nuremberg, September 14, 1935

Nothing is possible unless one will commands, a will which has to be obeyed by others, beginning at the top and ending only at the very bottom. This is the expression of an authoritarian state – not of a weak, babbling democracy – of an authoritarian state where everyone is proud to to obey, because he knows: I will likewise be obeyed when I must take command.

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