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Khilafat vs Mulukiat - history
By:Jawed Anwar, Islamabad
Date: Friday, 16 October 2020, 11:33 pm


Difference between Islamic Khilafah and Muslim Kingdom

اسلامی خلافت اورمسلم بادشاہت کا فرق


This Video discusses what changed when Islamic Khilafah (Khilafat) transformed into a Muslim kingdom (Malookiat).

1. Changes in the Leader's Appointment System;
2. Change in the Leader's Lifestyle;
3. Change in the Status of the Public Treasury;
4. End of Freedom of Expression;
5. Ending the Independence of the Judiciary;
6. Changes in the Shura (Council) System;
7. Emergence of Racial and National Prejudice;
8. Ending the Rule of Law.
9. Emergence of priesthood

Jawed Anwar