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Re: Truthers UK (FE) Support Link
By:Ishfaq Mohammed (US, Colorado)
Date: Monday, 5 October 2020, 2:30 pm
In Response To: Truthers UK (FE) Support Link (Mahmood Qaddus, Canada)

Aasalaam Alaikum Brother,

I salute you for providing a thought-provoking link to sincerely help and support this Truther forum member despite his claims to being open-minded and seeking the truth.
In light of this, I must confirm it is rather baffling to know that such truths have been provided in abundance from both scientific and non-scientific perspectives. Of course, the internet is riddled with sensational evidenced-based relevant qualified debunkers, for example, Professor Dave’s complete unchallenged challenges, coinciding with the obliteration of these groups to the T.

In my opinion, when someone is clearly deluded and out of their depth (as is the case here) it really manifests itself through as best portrayed in your choice of words, ‘lashing of thrashings’. Sure, I do understand that sometimes tough love is the key to shift people out of their comfort zones, beyond the fanatical, hysterical and the 'baseless' conspiratorial, I get it.

Worth noting and not a joke, perhaps some people may not fully comprehend what the word research actually means and the importance of being impartial when embarking upon such a journey.

Well I suppose there you have it.


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