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Good and bad news.
By:Sidqi, ca
Date: Friday, 2 October 2020, 6:05 am

First, the bad news.

US president Donald Trump and first lady Malania tested positive for Conid-19 and now in quarantine.
Many other from official positions in similar condition. Government hurriedly working on chain of command procedures. CNN

Now, the big good news.

Urgent: Good News
British newspapers simultaneously announce a definitive treatment for diabetes
http://youtu.be/YHYdRkQl8 Ic
After discovering a cure for diabetes yesterday in Harvard by converting stem cells into pancreatic cells ...
The front page of most international newspapers today is led by news about a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes, and the headline was in bold:
Diabetes: A Final Cure
The Telegraph newspaper
The Independent newspaper
The Guardian newspaper
Harvard newspaper
CBS News

Global good news for every patient
This morning, Friday, the British newspaper, The Times, with global credibility, in its opening page, the first page is great news for mankind. A final treatment for diabetes by transplanting insulin-producing stem cells and abolishing the use of daily insulin needles and this new treatment will spread to all countries of the world without exception, and this discovery was made in the Harvard University Research Center. The American medical team has more than 25 years of research for the final discovery by transplanting stem cells and activates and produces insulin naturally in the human body without drugs and this is final news from Harvard University that will officially announce it to the world permanently and dispense with daily insulin injections.

Spread it to your relatives and people dearest to you.

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Good and bad news.
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