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"Truth video from a former Flat Earther”
By:Ishfaq Mohammed
Date: Saturday, 19 September 2020, 1:07 am

Finally, a fine case of a genuine Truther …

Look, I realise this subject has been totally annihilated as of now yet it is consoling that the message is at long last breaking through to some level with a few flat level earthers. Here is a model:

“Seek Truth Speak Truth video from a former Flat Earther”


The video link mirrors a genuine truther or truth-searcher. This nobleman has had the mental fortitude and strength alongside uprightness to concede this on YouTube. What a hero! I state, Respect 'o' Mundo!

Ironically, I recently asked an old buddy of mine who was a hardcore flat earther too until he watched Professor Dave’s videos. “My friend, come on now, did you not research this gibberish?” His answer was quite alarming, to say the least. “At first, I would look for other talking points and subjects to gain a much-needed victory (to keep my sanity) when I could not come up with a good enough answer to a question. I would do this to try and convince myself that I was more intelligent than the people I was debating with, friends and family.”

My old buddy would watch Eric Dubay's super delicately spoken recordings and related sites that seemed well and good and be informed that other standard sciences were misleadingly off-base. He went on to say that Flat earth chiefs would make you believe that people who believe otherwise have been brainwashed and deeply indoctrinated but in reality, it was the other way round, it was I who was indoctrinated and too blind to see beyond the ignorance. It was clever programming, reverse, reverse psychology, for want of better words.

With that in mind, one specific video of numerous by Eric Dubay specifies that Surveyor's, Engineers, Pilots, Sailors, and so on have demonstrated that the earth is flat level; giving no genuine authentic references that could be checked, thus verified by the real scientific community.


Any straightforward genuine basic truth searcher or scholar ought to have gotten this so effectively and quickly. Instead, such people would continue to label others as closed minds out of their lashings of frustration and ignorance, not to realise it is their own reflection that they are making references to, hence deceived. No sarcasm required; pun intended.

What this demonstrates is the person undertaking the so-called research skills naively doesn't generally have the foggiest idea how to direct and apply research acumen and aptitudes, not to mention accommodate unbiasedness, yet rather does so abstractly without checking genuine logical realities and math, which they don't need you to for clear and obvious reasons.

In truth, if any critical thinking and an open mind were exercised here, at that point it ought to have been evident from the previously mentioned video. This not only questions weak, reckless, and dishonest research skills that amount to sheer stupidity but the overall questionable integrity of the die-hard forum flat level Earther/s in vogue.