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To: Pastor Thomas Mathai, Sri Lanka
By:Syed Rahim, Hyderabad India
Date: Saturday, 12 September 2020, 6:33 pm

Human beings are the creatures. Allah has created each and every particle of this universe. Among all the creatures human being is unique. Allah Jallashanuh is most exalted, high, dignified and noble. He does not have wife and children. Wives and children are the needs of human being. Allah Jallashanuh is one and has warned in strong wordings and all those who will associate Him with any creature will never go in paradise. All prophets (peace be upon them) were sent in this world to guide human beings to the right path. Quran is the book of Allah (protected by Him) clearly explains in detail how Esa Alaihes Sallam was born. What happened when he spoke in childhood that he is Prophet and son of Mariam (alaihessallam). Allah Jallashanuh is free from weakness, does not sleep or needs any help. He loves human beings and wants to see their hearts free from any kind of association. If we do not accept Esa Alaihessalam as prophet we are not believers, why should we not believe in the prophethood of Mohammad (sallahoalihe wassllam) whose miracle Quran will remain intact till the last day of this universe. Prophet Mohammad Sallahoalihewassallam does not need our admiration. His name, status and respect is raised very high from Allah Jallashanuh.

Prophet Mohammad Sallahoalihewassllam said cure is in salah (namaz). You can see in broad day light that Corona has gone from Pakistan. Why? UNO and Europe is saying that Pakistan tackled it very well. It did not tackle like USA. The reason is one and only one, Masajids were opened and never closed. Muslims came in Masajids, prayed five time and pleased Allah Jallashanuh. That's it.

Believing in oneness of Allah, prophethood of last prophet Mohammad Sallahoalihewassallam, praying five times, giving zakah, fasting in Ramadhan and performing Hajj (once in life time) is the basics of Islam.

Quran is available everywhere with translations in all the languages. Choice is ours.

May Allah Jalalshanuh guide us, ameem.
On Friday, September 11, 2020, 03:22:34 AM PDT, qaseem39us wrote:

Yes, E'isa (Jesus Christ) A'laihissalam will come as the follower of Islam and do all these things you mentioned, he will not lead the prayers, instead he will pray behind a Muslim Imam, will break the cross and kill the pig, then he will kill the dajjaal, get married, will have children, rule for 40 good years and die a natural death and will be buried in our Prophets' tomb.

If you testify all these facts, good for you, if not, you are an idol worshiper, no more.

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