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By:Engr M Awais Khan Durrani Islamabad
Date: Thursday, 10 September 2020, 2:21 pm

The original meaning of Siyam is "abstinence, to stop, to refrain from something & not fasting. This is just a refresher course of about a month for every member of the society in a collectively-run Quranic centre who are present in the society & not those who have left the society abroad for some important work or sustenance or education or travelling or livelihood.

The member will stop eating & refrain from sexual intercourse from morning till night (2/183). The traveller on return & the patient on recovery is bound to undergo this refresher course to make up the missing number of days ( 2/184) except that individuals who can't undertake this task due to inescapable weakness, he should feed one hungry ( 2/184). This is just a military training so that you can withstand all kinds of difficulties under odd hours. (2/183). The purpose of this collective training is ( 2/185) " so that you can establish the sovereignty of Allah through the Quran & by this refresher course you might be able to bring concrete results.

This refresher course warrants a collective system & not a ritualistic lifeless action executed individualistically scattered in various alien non-Islamic systems. Even among Muslims when the govt is secular then this refresher course will be an effort in futility which carries no weightage in the eyes of the Quran. Qura'anocracy is a prerequisite for Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajj etc, in a collective system of Quranic Order & not a non-Quranic & secular govt, thus producing no concrete & positive results. The purpose, the WHY OF IT of Saum has been mentioned "to establish the sovereignty of Allah through Quran world-over. Do you think the criminals of mankind will welcome this Quranic economic order & it will be implemented merely through this ritual of fastening? No ! they will be resisted in a befitting manner by the beneficiaries of the exploitative system. In the ayah, the purpose has been mentioned ie "Litakibbrullaha ala ma had alum " this is why every member stands obligatory to undergo this military training so that he can face all kinds of hardships under odd hours, even the patients & those journeying are not exempted, they will have to complete this refresher course on recovery from illness or return from the journey. Why those who are not present, will make up this deficiency, later on, has been ordained .? All these rituals are inseparable ingredients of this collective system .You are bent upon to follow clergy what a dichotomy!
Two purposes of SAUM have been mentioned, one is "La'allakum tattaqoon " so that you can protect yourselves from all dangers ahead. While the other major purpose is "Litakkibruallaha ala ma had alum " This refresh course will enable you to establish the sovereignty of Allah on the globe. This SAUM is nothing but a military training for a specified period incumbent upon every member of society provided he is available in those days otherwise when available, he will have to complete this refresher training at all cost & no exemption to anyone whether old or young or patient or absentee.

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