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Re: Event of Karbala [English]
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Sunday, 6 September 2020, 9:34 pm
In Response To: Event of Karbala (Ali Syed)

Event of Karbala
By: Ali Syed
Date: Sunday, 6 September 2020, 8:13 pm
He did not say anything about the incident of Karbala. It was a great surprise to me that no one asked about such a big event or no one spoke about it out of political expediency because there are many jurisprudential aspects in this incident such as the prayer of fear or the tyrant ruler. When jihad becomes obligatory and there are many small and big problems. But the answer was not found.
Similarly, in the case of Ibn Khaldun, 3 pages are missing which are absolute from the incident of Karbala. In the history of Ibn Khaldun, the details of the events of Islamic history have been described, but in the case of Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Khaldun has discussed these events and given his own opinion.
Then I had the opportunity to read the oldest writing on the incident of Karbala by Abu Makhnaf (Lot ibn Yahya) which was written by a Shiite author. The English translation was done by an Iranian publisher, in the foreword of which the translator Hamid Mowani admitted that there are many passages in this book and in the footnotes of the translation these passages have been pointed out which surprised me. Why an old book that should be more accurate needs to be corrected. Then I read Mahmood Abbasi's book Muqtal Hussain and found out that there are historical and incidental errors on every page of Abu Makhnaf's book. Abu Makhnaf's book (170) is dated to 2 AH, meaning that the probable event took place about five years after Karbala, and Hamid Mawani also considered this book to be the first book on the event of Karbala. This legend of Lot ibn Yahya became famous when the historian Tabari made it a part of his history.
All of these things forced me to look further into the events of Karbala to find out what the reality of the event of Karbala was. On this I explored one of the earliest books of hadith, Mutta Imam Malik, but there is no absolute narration from the event of Karbala. Then I thought that there should be a narration on the incident of Karbala even before Abu Makhnaf's book "Muqtil Hussain" in addition to the Sunni and Shiite books, so I asked Musnad Imam Zaid Ibn Ali Jo Hazrat Imam Hussain His grandson found his book and even in this incident there is absolutely no narration or any jurisprudential discussion from Karbala. While in this book the battle of Nehruwan (which took place between Hazrat Ali and the Kharijites) is mentioned and discussed in the prayer of fear.
٦٩ (69) The movement started by Mukhtar Saqafi in the name of repentance to weaken Islam in AH also started with the alleged martyrdom of Hazrat Hussain. However, this story was made around Nineveh near Mosul and Hazrat Imam Hussein was known as the martyr of Nineveh. Because the story of Martyr Nineveh was only about the personal martyrdom of Imam Hussein and did not mention women and children, it failed to create the flood of public acceptance and sentimentality for which the story was fabricated. That is why Abu Makhnaf increased the roles of women and children in the story for the sake of sentimentality and sedition and moved the center of the story from Nineveh to Karbala (whose real name was Karbagha). Karbala (Karbagha) is another name. In fact, Nineveh and Karbala (Karbagha) are more than 2 km apart. According to the legend of Abu Makhnaf, the alleged journey of Hazrat Hussain started from Makkah to Kufa and Karbala does not come from Makkah to Kufa but from Kufa to Damascus. This can be verified from Google Maps.
Is Karbala a reality or a myth to divide Islam? There is a hadith of the Holy Prophet that Islam will not be degraded until the (12) caliphs pass among you. And Yazid is one of the first 12 caliphs of Islam. It is also widely believed that Imam Hussein was part of an army under Yazid who attacked Constantinople. It is also a fact that Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain used to go to the court of Hazrat Amir Muawiyah in Damascus every year and Hazrat Hussain remained committed to it even after the death of his brother, if Hazrat Muawiyah was thinking of handing over the Khilafah to a wicked person. So wouldn't Hazrat Hussain have warned them or at least stopped them from going to his court? Hazrat Imam Hussain would not only go to the court but Hazrat Amir Muawiyah would respect and honor him. The dividers of Islam first propagated that the right of Hazrat Ali to the Khilafah was first and foremost and that Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Uthman snatched this right from them. Although the Muslims as a nation rejected this propaganda, they accepted the right of Hazrat Hussain to the Khilafah when they did not ask for this right but also had a friendly relationship with Hazrat Amir Muawiyah. And according to a tradition, Hazrat Amir Muawiyah also gave Hazrat Hussain the governorship of Iraq.
Allah says in the Qur'an that if a Muslim comes to you with any news, then investigate it, and research is the only thing that we have not done in Islam, and the one who does it is not forbidden. And research never ends. My research so far shows that the event of Karbala was fabricated in 5 AH. Therefore, books older than 8 AH, even if they are the own Imams of the Shia people and people like Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik who They have no opinion on this as it happened before 9 AH, because the event of Karbala had not been written at that time and whoever wrote it has made so many mistakes that it cannot be a true event. Awaiting your feedback

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