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By:Alaf Khan, Peshawar
Date: Friday, 28 August 2020, 4:01 pm

Brig. Latif is a highly educated and most courteous person. He is a profoundly devoted Ahmadi. We have exchanged many emails on various aspects of the Ahmadi faith. This is one of them. Alaf Khan


Response to one of Brig. Latif's messages:----.

1. Did Mirza Sahib ever perform Haj? By his own account, he was a wealthy "Ra'ees of Qadian" owning large chunks of irrigated land and many fruit orchards. Some of these he has mentioned in the Muhammadi Begum affair. He offered to gift large tracts of orchards and agricultural land to her and to her father if her father would give her to him in Nikah. These tempting offers were made vis-a-vis Mirza Sahib's repeated claims that the matrimony was inevitable because Allah Himself had solemnized the Nikah in High Heavens. Sadly enough, the union never materialized. Mirza Sahib left this world while Muhammadi Begum was in wedlock with another person. Cynics held Allah responsible for this letdown of His ordained Promised Messiah. Physically Mirza Sahib was quite fit for decades for the journey to Hijaz. He never did go. Islam's edifice, erected on five pillars, was deprived of the fifth one by a man who claimed to be a Messenger of Allah, the Promised Messiah and the Second Coming (Reincarnation) of both Muhammad and Jesus. If a Divine Revelation had abrogated Haj, Mirza Sahib would have quoted that Wahi (Revelation). To my knowledge, he never did. Mirza Sahib has boasted over fifty thousand books, journals, and advertisements that he printed and distributed throughout the Muslim world (from the Subcontinent to Afghanistan and the Arab world) urging all Muslims to thank and obey the British government and be unflinchingly loyal to the British Crown. A man who spends such a huge fortune on the worldwide distribution of his ideological literature could easily afford the journey to Hijaz. The reason was not money; it was a new faith. In his very elaborate interpretation of Verse 2, Sura 17, he claims that the Masjid Aqsa referred to in the Quran was the mosque which Mirza Sahib had built in Qadian town. In another piece of his writings, he says that "the milk has dried up in the breasts of Makka and Madina, but the Breasts of Qadian are full of fresh milk".

Incidentally, Mirza Sahib has, in his Tafseer, described the Hira Cave as a place too terrifying for any human being to enter. The Holy Prophet, Mirza Sahib says, sought solitude in Hira because it was too frightening for any human being to visit. I myself, my wife and our three boys climbed to the cave in 1986, spent about twenty minutes inside it and offered two Rakat of prayer. It was an utterly tranquil and serene slit in Jabal Al-Noor, open at both ends and naturally roofed by stone slabs. There was nothing frightening about it. No scarcity of sunlight either.

2. Mirza Sahib had, on one occasion, declared that the God, the Prayer, the Zakat, the Fast and the Haj of Ahmadis are different from those of non-Ahmadis. (What is then left in common? Alaf Khan)

3. The words Al-Aakhira and Yaumul Aakhira have occurred 110 times in the Quran. Every translator -- Muslim and non-Muslim alike --- has rendered it as "the next life" or "The Hereafter" (as opposed to this earthly life, which is called Ad-Dunya, i.e. 'the near one'). No one at any time in the history of Islam has given these words any other meaning. Only Ahmadi translators of the Quran have changed it in many places to what is yet to come -- 2: 4; that which is to come -- 13: 26 & what is to come later -- 17: 10. (Maulvi Sher Ali Qadiani's English translation with parallel Urdu translation by Mirza Muhammad Tahir Ahmad)

Is it not a burglary intended to make room for the prophethood of Mirza Sahib?

4. "Non-Ahmadis are Confirmed Kaafirs. Anyone who does not believe in the prophethood of Mirza Sahib is a Kaafir and outside the pale of Islam even if he has not heard of Mirza sahib". This was the emphatic verdict of Mirza Sahib and of his Khalifa, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

5. " It is not permissible to say our Prayers behind a non-Ahmadi Imam".

6. "It is not permissible to say the Funeral Prayers of even a child of non-Ahmadi parents".

7. "It is unlawful to pray for the salvation (Maghfirat) of a deceased non-Ahmadi".

8. "Ahmadis are not permitted to give their daughters in marriage to non-Ahmadis".

9. Ahmadis are required to repeat their Farz Salat after returning to their residences if they have offered their prayers behind a non-Ahmadi Imam in Masjid-ul-Haraam or in Masjid-un-Nabawi. Mirza Sahib did not have to observe this condition because he never performed Haj.

Some Ahmadis argue that Mirza Sahib did not have the financial assets for performing Haj. His own confession of being a wealthy person has been mentioned above in connection with the Muhammadi Begum affair. It is true that the Sikh Government in Punjab had confiscated virtually all of the estate of Mirza Sahib's grandfather. Large tracts of rich land consisting of five villages were restored to his father, Mirza Murtaza, by the British after they annexed Punjab. Murtaza was also given a seat in the legislative council and made a Kursi Nasheen. The yield of revenue from five villages in those days was not a small fortune. The excuse of Mirza Sahib's poverty does not hold water.

(All the above quotes (except # 9) are translations of original Ahmadi literature)
A headcount of Ahmadis in our Bureaucracy, Semi-autonomous Institutions, Armed Forces, Foreign Missions, colleges, and universities, nationalized Banking Sector, Health and Utility Services, PIA and perhaps even in our Judiciary will yield astonishing figures. At one time we had an arch-Ahmadi (M.M. Ahmad, grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) as our Head of State (President). Three of my very dear friends have been Chief Secretaries of NWFP. The Amir of Ahmadiyya Jamaat for UK & Europe (the late Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan) was a classmate and close friend of mine. Included in the circle of my close friends was an erstwhile Chairman of FBR (CBR); he remains a close friend.
The Constitutional Amendment of Bhutto's Parliament (designating Ahmadis as a non-Muslim Minority) is of little relevance as it only formalized what the Ahmadis themselves had established for decades: a Muslim minority and a Kaafir majority. The Constitutional Amendment of Bhutto interchanged the terms from "Muslim & Non-Muslim" to "Non-Muslim & Muslim". The line had been drawn by Ahmadi leaders decades earlier.

Islam does not authorize a Muslim citizen or a Muslim State to label another person as a non-believer (Kaafir) as long as that person:--------

1. Does not openly declare his disbelief in the fundamental tenets of Islam;
2. Does not refuse to pay Zakat to the Baitul Maal of an Islamic State;
3. Does not abstain from saying his Prayers behind a Muslim Imam;
4. Says his Prayers in the same Musalla (Masjid) as all the other Muslims;
5. Eats the Zabeeha of other Muslims;
6. Offers the Funeral Prayers of a deceased Muslim person; and
7. Intermarries with members of the rest of the Muslim community.

Failure to perform Haj and to Fast in Ramadhan on account of Sharia-approved reasons (e.g. health, money, travel safety etc) does not render a person non-Muslim. Publicly denouncing the obligatory nature of Haj and Fast are considered acts of Kufr.

In the absence of these conditions, no Islamic State can legally make a person a Zimmee. A Zimmee in an Islamic state has all the rights of citizenship except evangelizing his faith publicly and getting a Haj Permit. He is exempt from Zakat and military service even in defense of the country. His protection is the responsibility (zimma) of the Islamic state. He has to pay a Poll Tax in place of Zakat and military service. Other secular taxes levied by the state are the same for Muslims and Zimmees. The word Zimmee has no derogatory implication. It simply means "the one all of whose rights are the responsibility (Zimma) of the State".
Members of the Ahmadi community throughout the world keep cursing Pakistan. They portray themselves as the persecuted segment of the nation and much discriminated against. In all fairness, they should remember that they themselves had cut themselves off about seventy years before the enactment of Bhutto's Constitutional Amendment. As stated above, their great number in high slots in various state services tells a different story. With such data in hand, any fair-minded person can judge how well-founded the allegation of oppression and discrimination are.
Bhutto never had a love affair with Islam. He was solidly supported by the Ahmadiyya Community in the 1970 general elections. Two events made him agree to the Constitutional Amendment: ----

1. The Ahmadis attacked a group of medical students from Nishtar Medical College when their train stopped at Rabwa Station. The assault was repeated on the train's return journey. The public protest was too strong and too widespread for Bhutto to ignore.

2. Air Chief Marshal Zafar Chaudhry was a committed Ahmadi. He led a squadron of PAF Jet Fighters, circled the Ahmadiyya annual convention in Rabwa and, with tilted wings, presented a formal Air Salute to the Ahmadi Khalifa. Bhutto got the news. It was too much for his Everest-sized ego. He had once written on a file: "Remember that I am the only holy cow in this country" (Gov't White Paper --- 1977).
----------- ----------------------------------
It is the Ahmadis who have, for a whole century, declared themselves a Muslim Minority and the rest of the Umma as a non-Muslim majority. Pakistan's first Foreign Minister, Chaudhry Sir Zafarullah Khan, boycotted Jinnah's funeral prayer. When someone asked him for the reason, Chaudhry Zafarullah replied, "You can call me a Muslim Foreign Minister of a non-Muslim State, or a non-Muslim ForeignMinister of a Muslim State". Bhutto's regime merely put on the Statute Book what the Ahmadis had pronounced ages earlier. It is the same old story of the wolf accusing the lamb of muddying the water while the lamb was sipping downstream. The Pushto saying of Chaa ta ooba kharawal is very apt here (accusing someone of muddying the water)

My three very close Ahmadi friends treated me as non-Muslim on two occasions. One was the death of my father, and then the death of a bosom friend, Nawbzada Arshad Farid. My Ahmadi friends stood aside at the funeral prayers and abstained from uttering the customary words of "May Allah forgive him" Let us be fair in deciding who amputated whom from Islam.

I beg my Ahmadi brothers -- and brothers they are in humanity if not in faith -- to stop tossing up Mirza Sahib's prophesies and miracles and, instead, read the original writings and published speeches of Mirza Sahib and his First and Second Khalifas (Hakeem Nooruddin and Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad). This much they owe to themselves. I address them in the spirit of Sura Al- Kahf, Verse # 6: --- "Perhaps you will annihilate yourself in grief over their refusal to believe in this new discourse". This was the Divine admonition to a man whose people thirsted for his blood, while his soul pined for their welfare and salvation. So on us is the conveying; for Allah is the reckoning.
Will forward to you many more pieces from the original Ahmadi sources if you wish. Remind me, once YouTube is accessible, to send you Videos of the current Ahmadi Khalifa's "Royal" reception at the Capitol Hill and the Whitehall. Members of the American Congress (Reps & Senators) kept addressing him as "Your Holiness".

May I request that we read the Boundary Commission's Report titled "The Partition of the Punjab", published by Pakistan Book Foundation. Four names in that report are worth noting. These are Chaudhry Sir Zafarullah Khan, Assistant Commissioner Anwarul Haq, Flt Lt Noor Khan and Lt Gul Hasan. Anwarul Haq was detailed to act as Secretary to the Commission. Later he changed his cadre to the judiciary and ultimately became the Chief Justice of Pakistan. He acknowledged Bhutto's favor by rejecting his appeal against the death sentence. The 7-man bench of the Supreme Court gave a verdict of 3 : 3 for and against Bhutto. The casting vote of the Chief Justice Anwarul Haq sealed Bhutto's fate. Flt Lt Noor Khan has been one of our Air Chief Marshals. Lt Gul Hasan rose to become the Chief of the Army Staff. He was instrumental in rushing Bhutto from the UNO, via Geneva, to take over from Yahya Khan & Co. It wasn't long before Bhutto and Mustafa Khar dumped him halfway between Islamabad and Lahore on the GT Road.
Anwarul Haq had been Zafarullah's blue-eyed acolyte. As Secretary to the Sir Stafford Cripps's Boundary Commission, Anwarul Haq was likely instrumental in giving Gurdaspur and Qadian to India. The Ahmadiyya Memorandum to the Commisssion listed Flt Lt Noor Khan and Lt Gul Hasan as belonging to the Ahmadi Jamaat serving in the Royal Indian Air Force and the Royal Indian Army respectively. Native Indian officers in those days received Viceroy's Commission. Noor Khan and Gul Hasan were exceptions in that they held "The King's Commission".

(The above statements are based on original Ahmadi sources and my personal experience of having had several Ahmadi friends)

Postscript: Not many of us know that Bhutto's government merely restated the court verdict by a member of the British Indian judiciary in 1935 in the "Bahawalpur Case". From 1926 to 1935, the judge scrtinized an enormous mass of written documents and large number of eminent scholars from both sides. The brief verdict was that the Ahmadis were non-Muslim.

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