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By:Sajjad Qaiser, India
Date: Wednesday, 26 August 2020, 5:14 pm

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Today’s post … munshi bishweshwar prasad munavvar lakhnavi (1897-1970). It is reported that he started composing in 1910. He was a scholar of arabi, faarsi, urdu, and hindi. His father, munshi dwarka prasad ufaq was also a great poet who recomposed the ramayan in urdu using the same qaafiya for more than 6000 ash’aar. He credits urdu with “saving the hindu religion” because of the many translations of hindu religious texts into urdu because that was the language that more north Indian hindus could relate to, rather than avadhi or sanskrit. This is a tribute to Ghalib composed in the same bahr/meter as Ghalib’s ‘kisi ko de ke dil koii nava-sanj-e fuGhaaN kyuN ho’. Ghalib’s “kisi ko de ke dil koii navaazanj-e fuGhaaN kyuN ho”, together with badri raina’s translation and beautifully put to music by shaily kapoor and mehdi hasan.

Considering the lifespan of the shaa’er and significant dates of commemoration of Ghalib, I date this at 1919.


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