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Taboot Sakina – Shocking Revelation!
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Thursday, 20 August 2020, 11:15 am

Taboot Sakina – Shocking Revelation!

Historical fiction is a literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past.

" Information about bibi Sakina kept hidden, never told-for what reason I do not have the slightest idea.”

A brief summary of the book.[by Uzair Ahmed Siddique]

We are told that she was taken to Damascus at the age of four or five , there she was kept in a dungeon where she died.


Bibi Sakina was the daughter of Hazrat Hussain [ra] married to her cousin , son of Hazrat Hassan [ra]and had children. She lived a long life, married few times and left the world at the age of 81 in Medina. Also she lectured the Kufan’s , when they came to Medina. She blamed them for killing her grand father Hazrat Ali [ra] and her father and her husband. She is not blaming Yezid at all.

[Ref: Brochure published by Tayab Begum Jaunpuri, Shuhad-e-Karbala by Ali Naqi Naqvi, Nasikh Tarikh, Rozatal Asfia, Hafta Roza ‘Muharram” Lahore1393 AH, Kitab al-Ghani and Justice Amir Ali’s ‘History of Islam’ all shia scholars. Infact Justice Amir Ali quotes from Kitab al-Ghani in History of Islam-There you have it]

Return to Medina
“After captivity, Sukayna and other members of the caravan returned to Medina. There are not many authentic and reliable reports about her life in Medina until her demise. Her conversation with 'Uthman's daughter is perhaps one of the few reliable reports of this period. It is narrated that once Sukayna and 'Uthman's daughter were present in a gathering. Uthman's daughter boasted that “I am a daughter of the martyr.” Sukayna did not respond until the time of Adhan. When mu'adhdhin (reciter of Adhan) said, “I witness that Muhammad is the apostle of God,” Sukayna asked her: “Is that your father or mine?” Uthman's daughter felt embarrassed and said, “I will never boast in front of you.” Evidently, after returning to Medina, she along with other members of Ahl al-Bayt did their best to inform people of the brutality and oppression of Umayyad especially in the tragedy of Karbala. Her lament poems about martyrs of Karbala, especially Imam al-Husayn (a) proves this. Therefore, the government could not stand their residence in Medina and eventually she and her aunt, Lady Zaynab (a), were exiled to Egypt. According to some reports, Sukayna, her sister (Fatima) and some other women from Ahl al-Bayt accompanied lady Zaynab to Egypt. They arrived there on the last days of Rajab and Maslama b. Khalid, the governor of Egypt, and other people welcomed them warmly.”


ABU'L-FARAJ AL-ISFAHANI Kitab al-Aghani Beirut 1973.

I am trying to solve this mystery, as to why the forces of Yezid , number varies –up to seventy thousand will kill most of them, take some to Damascus as prisoners, but leave Abu Mikhnaf alive to write the fake story. Where was he hiding, was he wearing a mask.!

[ Something is rotten in the State of Denmark]

This is my email-email me, I will send you 44 pages pdf file.[Urdu] by Uzair Ahmed Siddique.


But then again you have a masterpiece- Karbala- Facts or Fictions by Dr. Saheb
English translation is available from Ourbeacon/ library. Urdu should be there too , just in case.
I have the Urdu version scanned, it’s a bigger file than my email can handle it. I can provide you the link in the email under my Google drive.

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