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Pakistan is much better than India
By:Carrie Ward, Belgium
Date: Saturday, 8 August 2020, 10:07 pm

Yes day and night we say bad things about Pakistan. I do to. But when I visited India in 2016 I realized Pakistan is much better than India. I said thank god my parents left India.

I have written many articles about Islam + India = worst product.... Islam+West= highest brand of beauty. I will give details later.

Some Indian Muslims who live in Canada went to Pakistan, came back and said they had no idea Pakistani culture and life is so much better than India.

On the other hand here I live with lots of Arabs Muslims Especially Lebanese Muslims. When you see them you wont know they are Arabs. You would think they are white people.

Bad impression of Islam is due to Muslims of India and Pakistan who follow Indian culture.

Hindus are idol worshippers and very different than Abrahamic religion. Hindus treat women like dirt. Sikhs (Punjabis) also don't want to have daughters. They just want a son not the daughter. Very different than Arab Muslims.

It is not the religion (any religion) which is bad. It is the people who make religion bad. Hindustani culture is not a good culture. It has made Islam look very bad.

You being a Sikh or Hindu have the audacity to talk about Islam? Did you look at your own culture? What has India invented?. Hindus and Sikh always bent over for white people. Especially Hindus, No self-esteem, no confidence. Their women are dying to marry a white man to raise their status.

Hindus always wear dirty clothes, look ugly. When we look at them (crossing streets) we say, O my god, this is what western people see and think these guys are Muslims. Sikhs stink so bad that if there is one Sikh in a shop (convenience store or retail store) other people cannot even enter in that store. My stomach churns. I say , O god why did you make us brown.? Why? here local people think these Sikhs and Hindus are Muslims. They can't tell the difference. These people (Hindus and Sikhs) giving wrong impression about Muslims. We are suffering because of you guys. Also Hindus/Sikhs are extremely extremely superstitious people.

No one on the planet can be more cheap than Hindus. Ugly people , dirty clothing a dot on their foreheads, doing rituals with spices, onion, garlic and stink, massage with mustard oil and stink. They do weird things. And you have the audacity to say garbage about Muslims???? (no exaggeration).

Also Muslims offer resistance and do not bow down to west. Call them terrorist but we call it self-esteem.

Islam + India = worst product.................................... Islam+West = highest brand of beauty.