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Something new is happening to India's Muslims
By:Kaukab Siddique, Baltimore
Date: Thursday, 6 August 2020, 11:15 pm

Something new is happening to India's Muslims. The Spirit of Resistance is coming from Turkey.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Millions of Muslims live in India. However the news from India is usually very depressing. Muslims are beaten, humiliated, sometimes killed by Hindu mobs. The accusations are ridiculous, that Muslims want to eat beef or they don't sing the indian anthem Bande Mataram. Even the slightest resistance is labelled as terrorism inspired by Pakistani ISI military intelligence.

The historic mosque Babri masjid was attacked and demolished by Hindu mobs.

To further demoralize Muslims, India has produced a Hindu movie which fabricates great Hindu battle victories against Muslims (copied from the brutal American Game of Thrones movie saga).

The great depression of India's Muslims can be seen in the inability to protest against widespread Indian atrocities against Muslims in Kashmir.

There are numerous Muslim organizations in India, the most organized being Jamaate Islami Hind. However the Muslim organizations usually appeal to the secular Constitution of India. Some even support the extremist Prime Minister Modi.

This subservience of Muslims is observable among Muslim immigrants to the USA. They do not support the uprisings of Americans against the oppression of Black people. They are very well to do and many are often involved in making groups like ISNA subservient to the White House and the Pentagon.

All this is changing within the homes of India's Muslims. Indians are addicted to watching movies and consequently it's a movie that is changing attitudes. It is the Turkish movie saga Dirilis Ertugrul also known as Ertugrul Ghazi in its Urdu language version which has broken all records of movie watching in Pakistan.

It could have been dismissed as just another movie but gradually it has gripped the souls of Muslims across India. It is about a Muslim hero and his beautiful wife who laid the foundations of a powerful Islamic state in Turkey. Borrowing from history, it teaches armed resistance and the uprising of Muslim women along with men.

In a nation where Muslims were terrified at the very mention of qital or armed resistance, the movie teaches openly and boldly that Muslims must fight back as the descendants of Osman did centuries back. It teaches the very radical message that numbers don't count. A few men and women dedicated to Allah can defeat the biggest armies. Some of it is outrageous as it shows the slaughter of Crusaders, with crosses clearly marked on their chests, being slaughtered by mujahideen.

The technique the movie uses is to stay away from the scholarly middle class educational approach of Jamaate Islami. The focus is on action and self-sacrifice.

The danger this movie poses to the enemies of Islam has been expressed by Israel itself. The biggest Israeli paper Haretz has published a lengthy diatribe against the movie and its impact in India.

Israel is happy that Hindu saga movie might help to defeat the impact of the Turkish movie. The problem as the Israelis see it is that the Hindu movie is pure fabrication and myth while the Turkish movie is linked to historical fact.

The Osmani movement ruled over eastern Europe for hundreds of years.