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Re: Post Covid Islam!
By:Farheen Maqsood
Date: Sunday, 2 August 2020, 9:59 am
In Response To: Re: Post Covid Islam! (jawaid ahmed)

Haha! No they're not reading the translation of Quran themselves and when they saw that the control from their mosques and madrassas was lost, what they did was, they entered in country's education policies and made changes in school n college islamiat/deeniyaat curriculum, students in that age when they hv to focus on academics will be reading dont know who's translation of Quran, which may not let em take interest or open up their critical thinking in history n sciences...then they passed a bill to stop the publication of many history n Islamic studies books reasons are only to raise more conflicts btw the sects... their empty minds hv already planned n started a devil's workshop..their houses will be completed n furnished by imported stuff provided by the olevel n pvt school managements and publication houses.....post covid Islam will be different...

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Re: Post Covid Islam!
Farheen Maqsood -- Sunday, 2 August 2020, 9:59 am