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By:Bahram Shahmardan, Uzbekistan
Date: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 4:23 pm


The Uzbekistan Zoroastrian Anjuman has been officially registered with a membership of 7,000 Zoroastrians. The President of the Uzbekistan Zoroastrian Anjuman has officially announced the inauguration of this Anjuman with a Membership of 7,000 Zoroastrians.
Mr. Rostam Abido Komiolof also said that Uzbekistan has the Zoroastrian cultural roots since thousands of years and this culture is alive and active till to date. He said that after the Arab invasion of ancient Iran which included Uzbekistan , Islam was forced upon the people of Uzbekistan for 4 times. The people of Uzbekistan resisted the imposed religion of Islam and have kept these Zoroastrian cultural roots alive in them. Famous Mathematicians, Astronomers & Physicians like Kharazmi, Birooni & others have safeguarded the Zoroastrian Principles and based on these principles have made important inventions and discoveries.

Mr. Rostam Abido Komiolof is the professor of Avesta & Avestan language in the Institute of Eastern Research and also an Avestan Scholar in the Uzbekistan Science Academy . He has spoken about the teachings of Zarathushtra & Avesta on a number of occasions on Uzbekistan 's national television & radio network

An article in FEZNA's Journal dated September, 1999 states that the Currency of Uzbekistan bears the Sassanian and Achameid symbols.

The Uzbekistan Zoroastrian Anjuman has invited Zoroastrians world wide to visit the site: www.avesta.org.ru