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Hazrat Mariam takes Isa [AS] to temple.
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 4:35 am

In few words, Hazrat Mariam , mother of Isa [AS], took her son to the temple to challenge the corrupt high priests for the corrupt monetary practices, and other policies [the founding stones of new world order, federal reserve, central bank,etc].They let mother and son in, they knew very well that the father of Isa [AS], was Joseph the carpenter. If they had any doubts about Isa [AS] being illegitimate , they would have never let them in. As far as Hazrat Mariam is concerned, she was a revolutionary, bold enough not to be a victim of the lustful priests, married an ordinary man.

“(Now that the worst world war is over, it is well to know who
caused it and why. For that reason I have written this article. Henry
H. Klein).

Twothousand years ago, Jesus tried to save Jewish civilization.
He advocated the law of God and Moses, the law of nature, the law
of limitation-limiting excessive private fortunes by law. The
Jewish Sanhedrin, composed of some of the worst money gangsters
and political crooks of Palestine, condemned Jesus. They charged
him with sedition against the Roman government and had him
convicted and executed by the Roman governor. Palestine was a
province of Rome. That was the beginning of the end of Jewish and
Roman civilization and the beginning of Christian civilization.”

“Why is a knowledge of the contents of the Protocols
important now? Because they outline a detailed plan for the
destruction of the Christian world and for its conquest and control
by a handful of Jews known as the Sanhedrin, and because most of
it has already been accomplished. All that is left to complete the
conquest is for the Sanhedrin to openly declare its power
over all the governments. The first step towards completing the
conquest was taken when the United States Congress adopted the
so-called United Nations charter which created the world super
government outlined in the Protocols. The next step will be taken
when other nations do the same thing and provide military forces
for the so-called Security Council created by the charter, to oppress
and suppress the peoples of all nations. When this is done, the
rulership of the Sanhedrin over the world will be complete. The
United States, Great Britain and Russia are already under Sanhedrin
control, though the people of these nations do not know it.
What is the Sanhedrin and of whom does its membership
consist? The Sanhedrin is a body of self appointed and
self anointed Jews who presume to run all Jewish affairs
and to control all Jews. Jesus challenged their presumption and
their power in His day and He seriously interfered with their graft
when He drove the money changers out of the temple in Jerusalem.
That act summed up His entire career-He was an indignant,
earnest reformer. The Sanhedrin had reached the lowest depth of
corruption. The murder of Jesus ended its criminal reign for a time.
The Jews as a mass did not understand what was happening; they
had been misled by the Sanhedrin and the rabbis. The Sanhedrin
consisted of seventy men who ruled civil affairs. They had
previously ruled criminal affairs which power was taken from them
by the Roman government. There was also another Sanhedrin
consisting of twenty men, who ruled religious affairs. Jesus fought
both of them.”



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Hazrat Mariam takes Isa [AS] to temple.
abdalaziz ariff / indiana -- Thursday, 30 July 2020, 4:35 am
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