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Hagia Sophia was a Museum
By:Gulshan Alawi, Abbottabad
Date: Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 3:53 pm


Hagia Sophia was a Museum, not a Church. Once people know this clear truth then only they can decide the right way. For as long they blindly make the decision it surely becomes explosive.

Do they even know what was America before?
What was Canada before?
Who were the owners before?
What was land Cannan?
What was present Israel (fake name) before?
The name of the Palestine land wasn't Israel.

'Israel' is the name of Prophet Israel-Jacob (AS).
The land was promised to him and his (12) tribes.
The Muslims-Palestinians or Indians- Mannaseh, or the Kashmiris, or the Indians etc are still the Bani Israel.

They have only acquired the title of Muslim by the Divine power, but still the same tribes. They haven't changed their DNA, GENES or tribal ID. Therefore, according to the promise the land was in their hands and should be still in thier hands. They are still the same people chosen twice now for accepting Islam, Allah, and Quran.

To turn a land giving it a fake name is explosive.

Before anyone starts the war they must get the enough knowledge of truth.
Also warning to Muslims: stop supporting such war mongers, and stop pouring Oil on fire.
We need Water not Oil.