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Re: Combat kits by Sir jawaid ahmed-UK
By:Harun "THE TRUTH & STUPID" Malik, UK
Date: Sunday, 19 July 2020, 1:19 pm
In Response To: Combat kits by Sir jawaid ahmed-UK (abdalaziz ariff / indiana)

Asalaam Respected Brother Abdalaziz,

Thank you very much, I am now on the last link. I have learned a great deal already but of course still lots to remember.

You Wrote:

“you will write 100 times that “I do not believe that earth is flat and aliens are not my relatives.” :-)”

First of all, I was just a tad insulted by the latter part of this statement at first but I then quickly realised it was to my own benefit. After much contemplation, I found it easier to verbally keep repeating this to myself 99 times (because I am not perfect) to assist with keeping me grounded in reality. (please see the 2nd to the last paragraph for a quick clarification on this, thank you).

I honestly would like to apologise profusely for disrespecting my fellow forum members on various forums for so long, especially concerning the way I have been insulting and patronizing brothers and most senior of the heavyweight members to ‘wake up’ when it was I who really needed to wake up to my now embarrassingly, proven, crazy uneducated nonsense. Due to my gullibility and youth, please forgive me for my stupidity. As a result, I can now categorically and unequivocally confirm that Dr. Shabbir’s QXP and forum is the BEST and most progressive work/light that there is in existence and I continue to be taken aback by his humbleness when he says he is a student (but yet a massive scholar, may Allah provide him with a long healthy life) I really mean it.

By the way, phew! even my highly educated and diplomatic experienced debater close friend (who grudgingly at times) ‘supported’ me with constructing previous messages I was terribly and mercilessly thrashed on, politely told me off for disrespecting the forums most respected senior scholar and was not happy about me not telling him about all the previous factually wrong and insulting messages I had been sending to other forum members (once he dug through them, Ooops!). I can tell he is not amused, is annoyed and feels really manipulated because I wasted his valuable time with rubbish! In fact, he has worked out that I only provided him with bits of information and not the full picture and have subsequently lost his respect. Got to work hard to regain it now.

Anyway, out of courtesy and respect, I thank you all for the bombastic and healthy thrashing, yes it has taken a lot of courage to write this but highly respected and honorable brothers, Jawed Ahmed, and yourselves have provided me a thorough insight into reality and also to never consult my alien' friends again. By the way, I swear! I do not eat any walking talking, shape-shifting technicolor strange beings inducing rogue mushrooms anymore, so that has helped a great deal I can tell you! All the distortion, strange and vague whispers as to what a nasty, argumentative pathetic, irrational, and illogical confused person I am and was... or both? Anyway, including the stark reality of being a gullible idiot has gone, Now I can see the ‘TRUTH’ the reality as it is and so, so clearly! Ironic since all the while I thought I was on the Truth path!

With all said and done, I am blessed or some would even say gifted with possessing both friendly and empathetic multiple personalities (my key worker could easily attest to this fact, no problem). My talents are such that In truth, I can in one conversation bring many viewpoints to the table and forums (so to speak) demonstrating my insightful intelligence on certain matters, ok, not all but you know what I mean.

Ok, so this wraps it up. Many, many thanks and I will let you know once I have read through the last link and anticipate the well-deserved gift of a pdf. File. My gift of intuition tells me that I think it will be more verses to remember to help me with my much-needed development of the SELF, so thank you in advance.


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