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Re: Debunking flat earth, Stupid strikes out!
By:Harun "STUPID" Malik, UK
Date: Thursday, 16 July 2020, 11:16 pm
In Response To: Debunking flat earth, Stupid strikes out! (jawaid ahmed)


WOW! I have just finished repeatedly going through all the links over the last couple of days and I must say, I feel obligated to say THANK YOU and relate the following.

Oh boy, I never felt so stupid as I do now after finally confessing the truth to myself. These video facts by Professor Dave have destroyed all my flat earth arguments in every single area. These facts I cannot deny anymore, even though at times I was subconsciously and consciously sustaining some of the absurdities due to nursing my stupid wounded ego.

All that arguing with forum members, my close friend and family members, trying to convince them that the earth is flat, etc., have been to no one’s benefit but an embarrassment to myself. I would interrupt them, admittedly and unapologetically become very childish, mocking and condescending at times by cutting them off with what I now realise was my fake delusional reality and uneducated gullible stupidity. It was if I had come to some sort of an Islamic cosmic galactic detective.

Stupidity to the nth degree? I even sent forum members messages after I asked for help with them from an experienced intelligent debater, a good friend of mine (because I would regularly get an embarrassing thrashing every time on a forum). However, stupid as I was, I would always be tempted to type my own bits in just before sending the messages and even mess his efforts up, but only to end in another thrashing, what wisdom and what a stupid idiot I was, I can tell you!

Yes, I realise what an utterly, silly and egotistical person I have demonstrated myself out to be. This, coupled with me, who really needs to SERIOUSLY down his own ego and not to intentionally create a diversional argument every time I get caught out on specific matters and then, as a result, try to deflect unashamedly to get back at forum members in a pathetic fit of retaliation. Further to these points, and just because I have also been self- delusional, arrogant and non-indicative of using my god-given intelligence and wisdom, yes I continue to be annoyed at myself immensely but elated at the same time with joy.

All that aside, I hereby thank you again Mr. Jawaid Ahmed for saving me from being that perpetual STUPID idiot of a person regarding the flat earth ideocracy and stuff I was advocating so much for so long. After reading your messages finally with an open mind and a willingness to grasp the TRUTH, I have great pleasure in confirming that you are truly one of the heavyweights of the forum and an unremitting fountain of knowledge.


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