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Re: Five Reasons for our Failure (In English)
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Thursday, 9 July 2020, 7:22 pm
In Response To: Five Reasons for our Failure (In Urdu) (shahalam, TX)

Five Reasons for our Failure (In Urdu)
By: shahalam, TX
Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2020, 5:08 am
First of all, the title of this column is incorrect. We have not failed, at most we can say that success is still some distance from us. How far is it, it remains to be determined. Second, self-blame is not a good thing, a thousand faults occur in our caste but We do not agree, the same concession should be given to our country. Take the preamble, now let's see the reasons for failure.
Before B, we have the illusion that we are a select nation, so there is no other creature that can compete with us, and we have an untouched place in the world. The geography of our country is determined by the fact that it was formed in the heavens and came into being in special blessed moments, so this piece of land is the most unique and unique.
This country has some hidden treasures which are not found in any other country in the world. Of course, we have forgotten the keys of these treasures somewhere. As soon as these keys are found, our hair will turn green. The company offered to find Rekodak's treasure, but since we have the extraordinary ability to count on the flying bird (this is also a special gift from the one above), we did not fall into that deception and cursed and drove the company away. ۔
There are no mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans or meadows anywhere in the world of our country and if there are any, they are not as beautiful as ours. No other power in the world can defeat them on the day they reach victory. Such a day must come once in two or four years.
Another reason for failure is our 'parasitic mindset'. The late comedian Amanullah used to give an interesting example that if you ask someone where he is coming from, the answer is "I am coming to eat bread". going to''.
After that, if you ask me if I eat all day, if I don't do any work, then the answer is "Dad does the work!" This is the summary of our economic and foreign policies. An agreement has been reached with the World Bank, one billion. Will give dollars, IMF agrees to give 1.5 billion dollars, more good news, Saudi Arabia will provide free oil to Pakistan for three years, China hinted to keep 2 billion dollars in our banks.
The United States has restored aid, why doesn't Iran give us something, what can we gain from Turkey, the Emir of Kuwait also has a lot of money, he can do it for free from Qatar ... It's as if we're just eating bread, we're going to do it. We are not aware of the fact that no food in the world is free. The same is true on a personal level. There are many job seekers, but in reality they do not need a job, just as a son-in-law wants a father-in-law. Get it done.
This is called parasitic mentality. The third error is that we are unfamiliar with the law of cause and effect. In personal life as well as at the national level. After any incident or tragedy, we determine the reasons rationally and scientifically. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. There is a reason behind every major or minor event, according to a Greek philosopher. Does not come
First of all, we do not even try to find out the reason and if we do, in a very irrational way which does not lead to any tangible result. Why billions of dollars were fined in Ricoh, why the country could not develop despite campaigning against corruption ... There are some factors behind all these failures which we have not been able to determine till date.
We did not examine these factors with critical thinking and scientific minds. If this had been the case, we would not be mourning the failures today. Nations find the causes of their failures, fix them and move on. The causes become irrelevant by putting the causes of misfortune, destiny and God's will in account and thus the next tragedy unfolds.
The fourth reason for our failure is also related to it and that is the escape from reality. We are afraid to face the facts, let's just say that we do not like the facts.
We like hollow slogans that have no meaning but keep entertaining, chit-chat stories that have nothing to do with reality but they give us comfort, fabricated stories which of course have no historical existence but on the basis of which We can imagine ourselves as the Imam of the world. When any individual or country puts before us facts that hurt our ego or that disproves our position, instead of correcting ourselves in the light of those facts. On the contrary, we deny those facts.
Not the last, but the fifth reason is our selfishness. We give priority to personal privilege over collective progress and prosperity. The madness with which we run after our personal benefit is not even visible on the collective level.
Of course it will also be human psychology, man thinks of his own benefit first but nations do not develop with this selfish thinking, their personal interests have to be put behind them anyway. Like a motivational speaker I have explained the reasons for failure. But the problem is that motivational speakers cannot run the country, if that were the case then Pakistan would be a world power at this time!


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