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Dajjal can possess people!
By:Gulshan Alawi, Abbottabad
Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2020, 6:48 pm

What a shame in this time of Allah's 'Azhab' on the whole world the hypocrite fake Muslims are fighting Muslims for most pathetic pagan belief, and carrying on the kind of same useless fight of 14 centuries old that was about 'Pathetic Power and Politics' and not about religion Islam, but the hypocrites fake Muslims are fighting against Islam and Allah. They are proven possessed by the evil spirit Dajjaal.
They are madly in love with the Dajjaal and most hateful of Allah and HIS followers. ***

They should fear Allah and not the Dajjaal as Allah is most powerful and can with one blow destroy the Satan and put them all in Hell for opposing Allah and HIS religion. ***

Sadly they have no idea what Islam is nor what is hell like, as they need to follow some crazy guy who claims to be in hell and describing the time in Hell.

Muslims don't need to follow any mumbo jumbo of anyone else as they have perfect facts given in the Holy Quran from Allah.
That's why true Muslims are most faithful to Allah and HIS commands. They don't fall for the fake gods and their evil ways.

Imami Jihadi an apostate Mukhtar Alam is like on deadly drugs and continues his nonsense of connecting all kinds of pathetic stories with Islam, and believes it is O.K. to practice Hindu practices in Ismailism and misinterpreting the Al-Quran to support their pagan ideas and practices.

He is absolutely possessed by the evil spirit since he converted to Ismailism and kicked off Islam, Allah and Quran on order of his slave master who hates Islam, Quran, Muslims, and Masjids. ***
So Mukhtar should talk about Jamat khana and not Masjid. He should also stop using our Quran as his slave master has made it harram. It is proven that such hate-monger of Islam cannot be Khalifatullah but the leader dajjal.***

This kufar is misinterpreting the Quran verse 3-33 to promote his evil desires as their usual treacherous tricks. He is using his cultic practice of using the fake ID for Imran like using the fake ID of Islam for his cult and fake ID of Shia Muslim after rejecting Islam. Do they know that without Allah and Quran there is no Islam? ***

He doesn't even know that Abu Talib never accepted Islam like the Agakhan rejected Allah, Islam and Quran. After rejecting Caliph H. Ali's (RA) religion the pagans love to sing and play bands of Ali-Ali, to further cheat the Muslims who are not as dumb as them to fall for their treacheries.

Such kufars to promote their khuda calling him Nurun Ala, but are in denial that he has rejected Allah and Quran and nothing to do with Islam, he has rejected it and hates it due to the hatred of his own Iranian Shia sect of Ithnashri. He is an apostate and atheist. How did an atheist become an Imam?
Moreover, he concealed Islam from his followers. Sins after sins can only lead to the Hell fire.

He doesn't even know who is Imran as he never touches the Quran. Mad man Mukhtar first of all should study Islam and Quran then first speak to Ismailis then to his khuda Karimi Krishna Bhagwan.

These pagans should stop touching our Quran with their dirty hands and minds.

"Sweet talker Dajjaal -a Wolf in the coat of a Sheep:
Muslims know him as 'Master Dajjaal' but the assistant of Master is already here known as Khuda-Mowla Agakhan.