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Gita 3:39/ Gita and Qur'an commons
By:Dr Mukhtar Alam, Hunza
Date: Sunday, 5 July 2020, 8:52 pm

Yehdi elanoor min dhulmaat and tamso ma jyotir gamah has the same meaning. It is prayer for guidance to the Light of Allahussamad from the darkness of souls caused through holding on anyone else other than the Light of Allahussamad.

Declaration of the Lord Krishna for his existence as avatar and the declaration of prophet Mohammad SUH and HP for Allahussamand being NOORUN ala NOOR, Light upon Light ,Akhand Jyoti is the same.

The accursed blasphemers of prophet Abraham SUH and HP referred to as Guru Brahmma dance with RSS engaged in creating a fake identity in the name of secular word Hindu/Sindhu through deification of cows. This was plotted for destruction of Sanatan Dharma and sanatan dharmies saluting avatars with muslims as sanatan dharmies accepting NAKLANKI and KALKI/Imam e Zamana.

However , there are evidence of spiritual progress since Mohan Bhagwat ji invited Imam Umer Ilyasi wellknown to me for speaking on the commons between Geeta and Qur'aan. But,Mr Ilyasi could not share this being the AKHAND chain of Bharat/Khalifatullah/Vicar of Allahussamad, the one given the Bhaar for guiding the humanity. Nor ,he could share on the common prayer of seeking guidance for the Light of Allahussamad being the divinely chosen leadership of the age. However, I have requested to communicate on the commons between the Geeta and the holy Qur'aan/recital.

Sanatan Dharmic/Islamic code for peace is one .Allegiance and obedience of the divinely chosen for whom there is jaikara in the national anthem. Jan G National Anthem of India is Sanatan/ Islamic with Jaikara for Imam Mahdi as Adhinayak, Dispenser of Human Destiny/Bhagya Vidhata | Facebook

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Gita 3:39/ Gita and Qur'an commons
Dr Mukhtar Alam, Hunza -- Sunday, 5 July 2020, 8:52 pm
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