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Ten Lost Tribes of Israel-Exciting !
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Saturday, 4 July 2020, 5:46 am

Quest For The Lost Tribes - Full Simcha Jacobovici Documentary


One hour and 37 minutes long. At one hour its show time. Face to face with ‘Pakhtunwali’ traditions-Col. Dr. Abdal Aziz ki zabani .
[ approx. last 25 minutes deal with Pashtun and Afghani]

25:30 And the Messenger will say, 'O My Lord! These are my people who had abandoned
this Qur'an as something to be discarded.' ['Mahjoor' = Villagers tie one
fore foot of the cow with its horn so that it walks lame]

[ I can only say for myself –I pray to be not in ‘These are my people’]

26:82 And the One Who, I ardently hope, will forgive me my faults on the Day of Judgment.'

26:83 'My Lord! Grant me wisdom and good judgment, and unite me with the righteous.
['Saaliheen' = Those who have attained self-actualization = Who set things
right = Help augment the human potential = Serve the community = Correct
wrong = Fulfill other's needs = Do acts of social welfare = Righteous = Those
beyond full maturity 46:15]