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To: Honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan
By:Adeel Shah, Bahawalpur
Date: Monday, 29 June 2020, 8:52 pm

Honorable Prime Minister Imran Khan:

Pakistan born citizens of the United States are equally attached to Pakistan, emotionally, ideologically, and otherwise.

Apparently, the majority think that nothing much is happening in Pakistan rather the economy is slipping through the fingers.

However, I see it slightly differently. Though very slow, I see Pakistan is being restructured at its very base. Prime Minister and perhaps a very few in the cabinet are clean and focusing on the real change than cosmetic maneuvering.

The key shift is from “occupying the seat of governance to Rule people” to occupying the seat of governance to Serve people and be a custodian and accountable to Allah”. Both ideas are totally opposite in nature and consequently yield a different outcome. One represents how Pakistan has been governed and the other one indicates how Pakistan should be governed.

I hope you and your armed forces remain on the same page and intention and stick through the painful “transition” to change the county’s direction.

Lastly, we still lack clarity of ideas and aimlessly circling around. The Pakistani nation does not have unifying slogans nor a cohesiveness nation-idea. If I may suggest, a once a month 5-minute speech specifying a Muslim nation-idea as one piece in diversity may help to reassemble the nation under one flag. For the sack of unity, storing national energy, performing in their roles effectively, we all have to be on the same wavelength.

Prophet (pbuh) had pieced together various tribes and weaved them in one nation, but the leaders of Muslim states have reversed the process and as a result shattered the unity, especially in Pakistan. This is not the Pakistan we had carved out in 1947.


Adeel Shah