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Statues-Why not topple the Constitution!
By:abdalaqziz ariff / indiana
Date: Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 10:28 am

Why just Statues-Why not topple the Constitution as well !

“Protesters are toppling slave owners-statues from one end of the U.S. to the other. Given that slavery is nothing more than legalized kidnapping, the only surprise is that it’s taken them so long. No one would honor Jeffrey Epstein with a statue, so why honor generations of rapists and child molesters who came before him?
But there’s no point toppling slaveholders without toppling what slaveholders wrought, up to and including their greatest achievement of all – the U.S. Constitution. This is the document that not only governs life in the United States down to the tiniest legal detail, but, thanks to America’s global hegemony, undergirds the international system as well.
Yet the Constitution is a plan of government created by slaveholders for slaveholders in order to maintain their wealth and perpetuate their grip on power. Of the 55 delegates to the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787, twenty-five were slave owners, which was more than enough to give them an effective veto over the proceedings as a whole. Slaveholders were economically predominant in six of the thirteen states – Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia – which was more than sufficient to stop the constitutional process in its tracks since Article VII stipulated that nine had to approve the new constitution before it could become law.”


Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade

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Statues-Why not topple the Constitution!
abdalaqziz ariff / indiana -- Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 10:28 am
Statues-Why not topple the Constitution!
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 4:13 pm